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2012 Taper Lock Bushings

Tapered Locking Bushings are accessible in a range of regular measurements. Even though this chart will aid you decide on the right 1 for your application, you should keep in head that true bolt hole sizes may differ from those revealed in the chart. Consult the size chart if you are not sure about the specific dimension you require. You can also get metric or imperial variations. The price will rely on the sort of casing you decide on.

Tuberculosis 2012-38
Normal Taper Bushing, TB 2012-38 Taper bushing is utilized to maintain pulleys, wheels and couplings. These bushings have standardized keyways, Whitworth threads, and cylindrical bores. They give a clamping match equal to a shrink in shape. They are also utilized to maintain the sprockets. If you need to have these shrubs, you can get them from Optibelt.

Tuberculosis 2012-39
Tapered Locking Bushing TB 2012 39 is a standardized tapered bushing used as a locking mechanism for pulleys and for securing factors to push shafts. They have H7 tolerances and normal keyways. In addition to offering a restricted clamping fit, these bushings can transmit torque and axial displacement. They are made by the company using sintered steel to make certain ideal overall performance in demanding programs.

Dimensions of the 2012 Taper Lock Bushings

  • Bushing Variety: 1210
  • Bore: 1″、1/2″、10mm、11/16″、11mm、12mm、13/16″、14mm…..
  • Dimension (A): 2-3/4″
  • Dimension (B): 1-1/4″
  • Dimension (D): 2-5/8″
  • Amount Of Established Screws: two
  • Threads: 7/16″
  • Duration: 7/8″
  • Wrench Torque: 280 LBS
  • Excess weight: 1.4 LBS


one. Cleanse all oil, grime, and paint from the shaft, bushing holes, bushing exterior, and bores of components (sprockets, pulleys, and so on.).
2. Insert the bushing into the assembly. Match gap patterns, not threaded holes (each gap is threaded on 1 aspect only).
3. Thread the set screw or cap screw into the half-threaded hole shown under. Set up the assembly on the shaft.
4. Alternately set the torque environment or cap screw* to the advisable torque setting in the table beneath.
5. Fill all unoccupied holes with grease.


1. Get rid of any retaining or cap screws.
2. Insert the established screw or cap screw into the previously mentioned hole.
3. To reinstall, complete all 5 (5) set up guidelines.

Tapered locking bushings have an 8-diploma taper to decrease by means of-gap size. Inside screws hold the bushing in location and give it a thinner profile than flanged bushings. To use a tapered lock bushing, make positive the hub diameter of the assembly matches the shaft hole size. Comprehensive cleansing of the bushing before installation is crucial.
Tapered locking bushings are normally used for tapered assemblies. This flange-like system is utilized to mount different components of a transmission, such as chains, belts, pulleys, or gears. The sleeve is produced to ISO requirements. You will need to have to order the acceptable tapered lock bushing separately from the hub and axle assembly. The positive aspects of using tapered locking bushing are quite a few.

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