cyclo motor

Precision Cycloidal Drive Manufacturer
Ever-Power Cycloidal Drives are built to very high quality standards. We can also service and upgrade the cyclo drives drives of various other manufacturers. High quality and excellent construction enables high drive speeds to meet all customer requirements.

We pride ourselves on:

Fail-safe reliability
Brand servicing compatibility
Very high speed ratios
Fail-safe reliability
Ever-Power Drives discuss stresses across a lot more than 60% of parts, compared to 5% or less for conventional gears. Our cyclo drives stay static in service, actually if damaged, until the customer chooses a practical time for maintenance. Ever-Power Cyclo Drives are truly “fail-safe”.

Brand Servicing Compatibility
We offer the satisfaction and cost savings that come from having local parts availability for all main brands of cycloidal equipment motor. Ever-Power parts can be utilized to service and update the drives of other manufacturers.

Precision Drive Manufacturer
Redesigned teeth decrease noise and provide smoother operation,
Overload capacity up to 500%,
Cycloidal tooth profile offers a high contact ratio to withstand overload shocks,
Compact size: solitary ratio available from 6:1 to 119:1, double stage up to 7569:1 & triple stage up to almost 1 000 000:1,
Ideal for dynamic applications: frequent start-stop-reversing responsibilities suits for cyclo quickness reducer since inertia is low,
Reduced TCO: high reliability, extended life, minimal maintenance in comparison to conventional gearboxes,
Internal parts replaceable with additional brands to make sure 24-7 running

Ever-Power Drive Features
Grease Lubricated & Oil Lubricated Models Available,
Output Shaft Rotation Path: Single Decrease: Clockwise Rotation; Double Decrease→ Counter Clockwise Rotation,
Ambient Conditions: Indoor Installation:10-40 Celsius, Max 85% Humidity, Under 1000m Altitude, Well Ventilated Environment, Free of corrosive, explosive gases, vapors and dust,
Slow Speed Shaft Path: Horizontal, Vertical Up & Down, Universal Direction,
Mounting Style: Foot Install, Flange Attach & Vertical F-flange Mount,
Input Connection: Cyclo Integral Motor, Hollow Insight Shaft Adapter, C-encounter Adapter, Top Mount, Shovel Bases,
Frame Size: 607-627,
Ratio: 6~658503,
Coupling Method With Powered Machine: Coupling, Gears,
Chain Sprocket Or Belt,
Teco Cyclo Motor Capability Range: 0.2kW X 4p ~ 75kW X 4p;
15kW X 6p~132kW X 6p