20crmnti Material Final Gear for Mitsubishi D4 Canter PS125


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20crmnti Material Final Gear for Mitsubishi D4 Canter PS125

This product, made from 20CrMnTi material, is a final gear designed specifically for Mitsubishi D4 Canter PS125. It is a new product with two axle numbers. Customization options are available, and we can fulfill customized requests from customers.

Here are some details about the product:

– After-sales Service: Engineer Guidance
– Condition: New
– Customization: Available | Customized Request

Features of the 20CrMnTi Material Final Gear:
– Suitable for Mitsubishi FUSO D4 Canter PS125
– Provides differential assembly parts
– Forged parts with casted casing
– High quality with precise machining
– Meets international safety standards

Our Factory:
Youbisheng Machinery Industrial Co., Ltd is a professional manufacturer of heavy and light truck chassis parts. Our product range includes drive axles, suspension parts, and transmission parts. We are located in JinJiang City, which is known for its convenient transportation options.

In addition to the 20CrMnTi Material Final Gear, we offer a wide range of truck spare parts for various truck models and brands. Our products have earned a high reputation in the domestic market and are also exported to Southeast Asia, the Middle East, America, and Africa.

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