7-15 Aluminum Qd Crate 76X54X15mm China Shaft Pinion Offshore Services Gear with Low Price


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7-15 Aluminum Qd Crate 76X54X15mm China Shaft Pinion Offshore Services Gear with Low Price

Product Description:
The 7-15 Aluminum Qd Crate is made of high-quality aluminum and has a dimension of 76X54X15mm. It undergoes surface treatment through anodizing, which enhances its durability and corrosion resistance. With a tolerance level of +/-0.005mm, this gear ensures precise and accurate performance. The delivery time for this product is 7-15 days, and it is packaged in a crate for safe transportation.

Customization is available for this gear, and it can be customized according to specific requirements.

Features of CNC parts:
1. Precision CNC parts manufactured according to customers’ drawing, packing, and quality request.
2. Tolerance level can be kept within +/-0.005mm.
3. 100% inspection is conducted during production to ensure quality.
4. The company has experienced technology engineers and well-trained workers.
5. Fast and timely delivery with professional service.
6. Customer’s designing process is supported with professional suggestions to save cost.
7. Quality assurance is in accordance with ISO9001 standards.

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