90jb200K 80zy140 12V, 24V High Torque DC Spur Gear Motor


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90jb200K 80zy140 12V, 24V High Torque DC Spur Gear Motor

The 90jb200K 80zy140 12V, 24V High Torque DC Spur Gear Motor is a versatile motor suitable for various applications. It is commonly used in universal, industrial, household appliances, cars, and power tools. With its low speed operating capability and excited excitation mode, it provides reliable performance for different tasks.

The motor is highly customizable, allowing for personalized modifications and specialized requests. Optional components such as magnetic/optical encoders, brakes, and connectors can be added to enhance the motor’s functionality. Its voltage range of 12 ~ 400V DC and rated torque of up to 20N.m for continuous running make it suitable for a wide range of applications.

The 90jb200K 80zy140 12V, 24V High Torque DC Spur Gear Motor has received CE, Reach, and RoHS approval, ensuring its compliance with industry standards. It also offers the option for customized shaft dimensions and technical specifications based on specific requirements.

This motor is commonly used in various applications, including tarp gear motors, slow juicer motors, curtain & window motors, robot pool cleaner motors, door & gate motors, automatic pool cover motors, and solar tracking system motors.

Packaging & Shipping:
– Each motor is carefully packaged in a waterproof plastic bag, foam box, and carton for protection during shipping.
– For larger orders, export wooden box packaging is used to ensure the safe delivery of products.

Company Profile:
Dongzheng Motor Co., Ltd is a technology research and development, production, sales, and service-oriented enterprise. We specialize in manufacturing different types of AC/DC gear motors, planetary gear motors, small gear motors, and more. Our motors are widely used in various industries such as industrial automation, medical equipment, office automation, and swimming pool cleaners. We have obtained certifications such as CCC, CE, RoHS, and REACH.

1. Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
– We are a professional OEM manufacturer.

2. What is your main product range?
– We manufacture both motors and gearboxes. Our main products include AC/DC Planetary Gear Motors, AC/DC Right Angle Gear Motors, AC/DC Parallel Shaft Gear Motors, Small DC Motors, Compact AC Motors, Brushless DC Gear Motors, Motor Magnets, and Gearboxes.

3. How about the MOQ of your motors?
– Customized testing samples are available before serial production.

4. What is the warranty period of your motors?
– We offer free maintenance within a one-year warranty period.

5. Which shipping ways are available?
– DHL, UPS, FedEx, TNT are available for sample shipment. Sea/air/train shipments are available for serial production.

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