Aluminium Fabrication Turned Milled CNC Micro Machining Services


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Aluminium Fabrication Turned Milled CNC Micro Machining Services

The Aluminium Fabrication Turned Milled CNC Micro Machining Services are widely used in various industries such as fasteners, auto and motorcycle accessories, hardware tools, machinery accessories, electronics, electrical appliances, and medical equipment. These services adhere to various standards including GB, EN, API650, China GB Code, JIS Code, TEMA, and ASME. The surface treatment options available for these services include power coating, passivating, anodizing, and spray painting. They are suitable for mass production and are achieved through CNC turning. The materials used for these services range from nylon, steel, plastic, brass, alloy, copper, aluminum, iron, to titanium.

Samples of these services can be provided for as low as US$ 1 per piece, with a minimum order quantity of 1 piece. Customization is also available for these services.

OEM aluminum steel brass metal precision CNC machining for machinery parts is the main focus of these services. The manufacturer, with 12 years of experience, is a diamond member of made in China and has passed the SGS audit. Their workshop is equipped with a wide range of machines including turn-mill combination machines, Swiss-type Automatic Lathes, CNC lathe machines, and CNC centers. The engineer masters team ensures the quality and technology of the products. These services have been provided globally, serving clients from various countries such as Japan, Germany, the Netherlands, the United States, India, Singapore, and more.

The CNC Machining offered includes CNC turning, milling, Swiss-type machining, and 3-4-5 axis machines machining. The tolerance is as low as 0.02mm, and the roughness is Ra0.4. The materials that can be used for these services include stainless steel, aluminum, steel, brass, bronze, titanium, carbon steel, copper, mild steel, plastic, nylon, POM, PP, PU, PET, PEEK, HDPE, and more. Various treatments are also available, such as anodizing, polishing, plating, heat treatment, hardening, and electroplating. These services find applications in 3C electronics, electrical appliances, medical equipment, semiconductor laser devices, printing machinery, spare parts, vehicle production equipment, industrial machinery, aerospace, communications, optics, education, entertainment, healthcare, advertising, and other industries.

Quotes for these services are provided online 24/7, with a quick turnaround time for samples of 1-3 days.

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