ANSI Standard Bevel Gear M2.5

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ANSI Standard Bevel Gear M2.5

The ANSI Standard Bevel Gear M2.5 is a type of gear used in the industry. It is a hardened gear with an external gear position. The gear is manufactured using the rolling gear method and has a toothed portion shape of a bevel wheel. It is made of cast iron material, ensuring durability and strength.

The gear can be customized according to specific requirements, and customized requests are available.

Here are some key features of the ANSI Standard Bevel Gear M2.5:
– Application: Industry
– Hardness: Hardened
– Gear Position: External Gear
– Manufacturing Method: Rolling Gear
– Toothed Portion Shape: Bevel Wheel
– Material: Cast Iron

The gear meets the ANSI standard and is designed to provide reliable performance in various industrial applications. With its precision forging and carburization process, the gear offers high-quality lubrication for smooth operation.

Product Specifications:
– Module: Min 1.5 – Max 5.0
– Teeth Number: Min 16 – Max 30
– Pressure Angle: Min 17° – Max 25°
– Pitch Angle: Min 18° – Max 56°
– Spiral Angle: Min 20° – Max 35°
– O.D: Min 26 – Max 157
– L(max): 200

The ANSI Standard Bevel Gear M2.5 is widely used in various industries for power transmission purposes. It can be installed in different types of machinery and equipment to ensure efficient and reliable operation.

Installation, Maintenance, and Replacement:
– The gear should be installed following the manufacturer’s guidelines for proper alignment and engagement.
– Regular maintenance is essential to ensure the gear’s longevity and optimal performance. Cleaning and lubricating the gear periodically will help prevent wear and ensure smooth operation.
– If the gear needs to be replaced, it is important to select a compatible replacement part. Our replacement gears are designed to perfectly adapt to the original spare parts.

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1. Q: What is the material of the ANSI Standard Bevel Gear M2.5?
A: The gear is made of cast iron material.

2. Q: Can the gear be customized according to specific requirements?
A: Yes, the gear can be customized based on specific requests.

3. Q: What is the manufacturing method used for the gear?
A: The gear is manufactured using the rolling gear method.

4. Q: Is the gear suitable for industry applications?
A: Yes, the gear is designed for industry applications.

5. Q: How can I ensure proper installation and maintenance of the gear?
A: It is important to follow the manufacturer’s guidelines for installation and perform regular maintenance, including cleaning and lubrication, to ensure optimal performance of the gear.