Anti Riot Control Suit for Police Equipment


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Anti Riot Control Suit for Police Equipment

The Anti Riot Control Suit for Police Equipment is a unisex body protection suit suitable for soldiers. It is made of anti-flaming 600D polyester cloth, EVA, nylon plastic, and aluminum plate. The suit is waterproof, UV resistant, stab resistant, and anti-resistant. It has a size range of 165-190cm and weighs 6.8kg per set. The protection area is over 1.08m2, with specific protection areas for the chest, abdomen, groin, back, upper limbs, and lower limbs.

The suit has a high anti-stab performance, capable of withstanding 20J puncture kinetic energy on the front and back armor. It can also withstand 120J impact kinetic energy. The protective coating on the front and back can absorb strike energy of 100J with a creasing of less than 8mm. It meets the FV-2 level for anti-flaming performance, with an oxygen index of the lining exceeding 28% and an after-flame time of less than 10s without fire sources. The suit can function in temperatures ranging from -20ºC to +55ºC. It complies with the GA420-2003 Anti-Riot-Suit standard.

The Anti Riot Control Suit for Police Equipment is easy to put on, taking only 2 minutes. It can also be customized according to customer’s requirements. The suit is packed in a size of 51*48*54cm, with 1 carton containing 2 sets.

Product Features:

– Material: anti-flaming 600D polyester cloth, EVA, nylon plastic, aluminum plate
– Size: 165-190cm
– Weight: 6.8kg/set
– Protection Area: >1.08m2
– Anti-stab performance: Front & back can withstand 20J puncture kinetic energy
– Anti-impact performance: Can withstand 120J impact kinetic energy
– Strike energy absorption performance: Protective coating can bear 100J kinetic energy impact
– Anti-flaming performance: Plastic protective pieces are in line with FV-2 level
– Acclimatization temperature: -20ºC~+55ºC
– Standard: GA420-2003 Anti-Riot-Suit
– Packing: 51*48*54cm, 1ctn/2sets
– Quick and easy to put on

Installation, Maintenance, and Replacement:

– Installation: Follow the provided instructions for proper assembly and fitting of the suit.
– Maintenance: Clean the suit regularly with water and mild detergent. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials.
– Replacement: If any part of the suit is damaged or worn out, it can be replaced with the corresponding replacement part. Refer to the supplier or manufacturer for replacement parts.

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