Bevel Gear Wheel with Nickel Plated


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Bevel Gear Wheel with Nickel Plated

This bevel gear wheel is widely used in machinery, agricultural machinery, and various industries. It is made of alloy steel, ensuring durability and strength. The gear is hardened, making it resistant to wear. The manufacturing method used is cut gear, resulting in precise and accurate teeth.

The bevel gear wheel has a toothed portion in the shape of a bevel wheel, which allows for smooth and efficient power transmission. The gear is nickel plated, providing corrosion resistance and enhancing its appearance.

With high precision on the teeth of the gear, it ensures smooth and steady operation with low noise. The material options include carbon steel, stainless steel, copper, nylon, and more. The gear can be customized according to your specific requirements.

Installation, maintenance, and repair of the bevel gear wheel are straightforward. It can be easily replaced when needed. The gear can be used in various applications, such as machinery, agricultural machinery, and industrial equipment.

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