CNC Rack Gears and Pinion 24*24 L1000 for CNC Machine Q6

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CNC Rack Gears and Pinion 24*24 L1000 for CNC Machine Q6

The CNC Rack Gears and Pinion 24*24 L1000 for CNC Machine Q6 are commonly used in various applications such as electric cars, agricultural machinery, and transmission and guidance systems. These gears have a hardened tooth surface, making them highly durable. They are designed as internal gears and manufactured using the rolling gear method. The toothed portion shape is a spur gear, providing efficient performance. These gears are made of cast iron, ensuring strength and longevity.

Samples: US$ 30/Piece, 1 Piece(Min.Order), Request Sample

Customization: Available, Customized Request

Product Description

The CNC Rack Gears and Pinion 24*24 L1000 for CNC Machine Q6, manufactured by TOCO, come in various sizes including M1, M1.5, M2, M2.5, M3, M4, and M5. They are packed in plastic bags and cartons or wooden packaging. The payment terms accepted are T/T and Western Union. The production lead time is 5 business days for samples and 15 days for bulk orders. Samples are available at a price range of $2 to $100, with the sample express request paid by clients.

These gears find application in various industries including automatic controlling machines, semi-conductor industry, general industry machinery, medical equipment, solar energy equipment, machine tools, parking systems, high-speed rail, and aviation transportation equipment, among others.

Our Service:

  1. Help customer choose the correct model with CAD & PDF drawing for reference.
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  3. During the warranty period, any quality problem with TOCO products will be replaced with a new one.


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