Custom Double Spur Gears PA Nylon Spur Gears


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Custom Double Spur Gears PA Nylon Spur Gears

The Custom Double Spur Gears PA Nylon Spur Gears are widely used in various applications such as motors, electric cars, motorcycles, machinery, marine equipment, toys, agricultural machinery, cars, and baby cars. These gears have a hardened tooth surface and are manufactured according to drawings and/or quantity specifications. The toothed portion shape is a spur gear, and they are made of PA Nylon material.

Samples of these gears are available for purchase at a price of US$ 0.5 per piece, with a minimum order of 1 piece. Customization options are also available.

Product Description:
MC Nylon, also known as Monomer Casting Nylon, is an engineering plastic that has been widely used in various industries. It is produced by melting the caprolactam monomer and adding catalyst, then pouring it into molds at atmospheric pressure to shape it into different castings such as rods, plates, and tubes. MC Nylon has a higher molecular weight compared to PA6/PA66, resulting in superior mechanical properties. It offers higher wear-resistance, corrosion-resistance, self-lubrication, vibration-absorption, and noise-absorption performance. MC Nylon is considered an ideal substitute for materials like bronze, stainless steel, Babbitt alloy, and PTFE due to its lower cost and simple manufacturing process.

Other variants of casting Nylon include Oil Nylon + Carbon (Black), Oil MC901 (Blue), and MC Nylon + MSO2 (Light Black). These variations offer improved mechanical properties such as high strength, wear-resistance, anti-aging, toughness, flexibility, and impact-resistance. They find applications in transmission gears, mechanical parts, plastic wheel gears, gear bars, bearing, and seals.

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