Custom High Precision Die Casting Aluminum Alloy Magnesium Alloy Transmission Part


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Product Description

The Custom High Precision Die Casting Aluminum Alloy Magnesium Alloy Transmission Part is manufactured using a cold chamber die casting machine and precision die casting method. It is commonly used in machinery parts and is made of aluminum alloy. The surface of the part is prepared through spray coating. The pressure chamber structure is vertical.

Product Name Cast Aluminium Die/Gravity/Sand Casting Process

Ferrous materials: cast iron, grey iron, ductile iron, austempered ductile iron, carbon steel, stainless steel, low alloy steel, high chromium/manganese steel

Non-ferrous: aluminum alloy, copper alloy, brass, bronze titanium alloy

Process Clay sand casting, Shell molding, Lost foam casting, Resin sand casting, CNC machining
Equipment Molding machine, lost foam casting production line, CNC machining center, general machine tools, CNC laser cutting machine, large-scale press machine
Finish Zinc phosphide, zinc plating, hot dip galvanized, e-coating, spray paint, black oxide coating, anodized, passivation, and others
Testing Instrument Spectrum analyzer, tension tester, hardness tester, three coordinates measuring instrument, caliper, micrometer, dial gauge, microscope, roughness tester, salt spray testing machine, ultrasonic flaw detector, X-ray detection machine, magnetic particle flaw detector, air tightness testing machine, thickness gauge
Product Application Engineering & mining works
Other main casting products Auto parts, large mining equipment accessories, engineering machinery parts, valve parts, large diameter pipe fittings, agricultural machinery parts, construction machinery, gear box, body case, etc.

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