Customized Best Quality Plastic POM Gear


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Customized Best Quality Plastic POM Gear

The Customized Best Quality Plastic POM Gear is made from POM (Polyformaldehyde), an engineering plastic known for its excellent properties. It is a non-side-chain, high-density, high-crystalline, and linear polymer, often referred to as “Plastic Steel.” The gear offers a range of exceptional features, including wear-resistance, high hardness, chemical stability, dimensional stability, and isolation resistance.

POM gears find wide applications in various industries such as automobile, electronic and electric products, commodity, pipeline & fittings, and exact apparatus. They can be used as replacements for traditional metals like bronze, zinc, and tin. The gear is available in black and white colors, with sizes customized according to drawings or samples.

POM-H and POM-C are two variants of POM gears. POM-H, co-polymerized with ethylene oxide, offers better performance in terms of high crystalline, mechanical strength, and rigidity. On the other hand, POM-C provides advantages in terms of low melting point, temperature stability, fluxion characteristics, and machining capability. Additionally, POM-H+PTFE, made from Delrin POM Resin and Teflon fiber, boasts features like low coefficient of friction, good lubrication, wear-resistance, and non-creepage resistance.

These gears have extensive applications across various industries. In automotive industries, POM gears are widely used in mechanical parts due to their high mechanical strength, hardness, wear-resistance, and low coefficient of friction. They are also employed in electronic and electric industries for their lower power consumption, high dielectric strength, insulation resistance, and electronic arc resistance. Furthermore, POM gears find applications in agricultural machines, pharmacy and packing machines, construction industries, and other fields.

Product Specifications:

– Material: POM
– Size: According to Drawing or Sample
– Color: Black, White
– Tooling: CNC Lathe
– Thickness: 1-300mm
– Density: 1.6

Advantages of Customized Best Quality Plastic POM Gear:

– Wear-resistance and high hardness
– Anti-impregnant and good rigidity
– Chemical stability and isolation resistance
– Dimensional stability and low melting point

Installation, Maintenance, and Replacement:

Installing the Customized Best Quality Plastic POM Gear is a straightforward process. Follow the provided drawing or sample for accurate fitting. Regular maintenance, such as cleaning and lubrication, ensures optimal performance and longevity. If the gear needs replacement, consult the original factory or supplier for appropriate spare parts.

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