Customized Professional Gear Rack and Pinions for CNC Cutting Machine


Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
Application: Mining Equipment, Agricultural Machinery, Stone Cutting Machinery
Feature: Flame-Retardant, Cold-Resistant, Corrosion-Resistant, Heat-Resistant, Skid-Resistance, Wear-Resistant, High Temperature-Resistance
Tensile Strength: Strong
Material: S45c/Scm440
Type: Toothed Belt
Samples: US$ 1/Piece1 Piece(Min.Order)|Request Sample
Customization: Available|Customized Request

Product Description

High precision Gear and Rack

Brand TOCO
Size customize CSTGH01510/2101/2020/3010/4010/4020/5010/5020/6010/6020/8010/8020/10010/12010,CHTGH02010/03010/04010/05010,CSGH,CHGH
Items packing Plastic bag+Cartons ,Wooden Packing
Payment terms L/C,T/T,Western Union
Production lead time 5 days for offer ,2 month for sample
Samples Sample price range from $10to $20.
sample express request pay by clients
Application 1.milling 2.Boring 3. drilling
4.Form milling 5.Internal Boring 6.Precision drilling
7.Thread milling 8.Thread Boring 9.High-speed drilling
10.General milling 11. Plane Boring
12.Grinding 13.Lathing
14.Form Grinding 15.Internal Lathing
15.Thread Grinding 16.Thread Lathing
17.General Grinding 18.Plane Lathing

Product History:

The customized professional gear rack and pinions for CNC cutting machines have a long history in the manufacturing industry. They have been used extensively in various applications such as mining equipment, agricultural machinery, and stone cutting machinery. The gear rack and pinions are known for their high precision, durability, and reliability. They are designed to withstand extreme conditions, including flame retardance, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, heat resistance, skid resistance, wear resistance, and high temperature resistance. The gear rack and pinions are made from S45c/Scm440 material, which offers exceptional tensile strength. They are of standard size and feature a toothed belt type, making them suitable for a wide range of CNC cutting machines. The gear rack and pinions are available for customization, allowing customers to tailor the product to their specific needs and requirements.

Product Classification:

The customized professional gear rack and pinions for CNC cutting machines can be classified into different models, including CSTGH, CHTGH, CSGH, and CHGH. Each model offers various size options, such as CSTGH01510/2101/2020/3010/4010/4020/5010/5020/6010/6020/8010/8020/10010/12010 and CHTGH02010/03010/04010/05010. The gear rack and pinions are packed in plastic bags and cartons, ensuring safe transportation. For added protection, wooden packing is also available. Payment terms include L/C, T/T, and Western Union, providing flexibility to customers. The production lead time for an offer is 5 days, while the sample production lead time is 2 months. Samples are priced between $10 and $20, and clients are responsible for sample express charges.

Product Advantages:

  • The gear rack and pinions offer high precision, ensuring accurate and efficient CNC cutting operations.
  • They are highly durable and resistant to wear, making them suitable for heavy-duty applications.
  • The gear rack and pinions are flame-retardant, cold-resistant, corrosion-resistant, heat-resistant, skid-resistant, and capable of withstanding high temperatures.
  • They have exceptional tensile strength, providing stability and reliability during CNC cutting processes.
  • With their toothed belt type, the gear rack and pinions are compatible with various CNC cutting machines.

Product Material:

The gear rack and pinions are made from S45c/Scm440 material. This material offers excellent mechanical properties, including high strength, hardness, and wear resistance. It is widely used in the manufacturing of gear systems for its ability to withstand heavy loads and harsh operating conditions. The S45c/Scm440 material ensures the gear rack and pinions’ durability and longevity, making them ideal for demanding CNC cutting applications.