Customized Professional Gear Rack and Pinions for Wood Cutting Machine


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Customized Professional Gear Rack and Pinions for Wood Cutting Machine

This gear rack and pinions are suitable for wood cutting machines and offer various features such as anti-static, oil-resistant, cold-resistant, heat-resistant, skid-resistance, wear-resistant, acid-resistant, and high temperature-resistance. They are made of S45c/Scm440 material, ensuring strong tensile strength. The gear rack is a toothed belt type.

Product Description

The high precision gear and rack from TOCO brand are available in different models and sizes, such as CSTGH, CHTGH, CSGH, CHGH. They come in customized sizes to suit specific requirements. The items are packed in plastic bags and cartons, with the option for wooden packing. Payment terms include L/C, T/T, and Western Union. The production lead time is 5 days for an offer and 2 months for a sample.

These gear racks and pinions find applications in various industries including milling, boring, drilling, form milling, precision drilling, grinding, lathing, and more. They are widely used in machinery manufacturing, military, aviation, aerospace, shipbuilding, and textile industries.

About Us

Ever-Power Group is a leading supplier of various plastic gears used in industries. Our range includes plastic spur gears, plastic helical gears, plastic worm gears, plastic bevel gears, plastic pinion gears, plastic nylon gears, plastic transmission gears, plastic sprocket gears, plastic wheel gears, plastic injection gears, plastic ring gears, and plastic rack gears. We offer high-quality products at competitive prices and provide excellent customer service. We also welcome customizations based on drawings or samples.


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