Customized Rotary Table Crane Slewing Ring Bearings Vla 20 0944 N Outer Gear


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Customized Rotary Table Crane Slewing Ring Bearings VLA 20 0944 N Outer Gear

The Customized Rotary Table Crane Slewing Ring Bearings VLA 20 0944 N Outer Gear is a standard product suitable for various applications. It offers the following features: high speed, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance. The sealing gland is sealed on both sides. This single-row bearing has a straight raceway roller type, made of 50mn/42CrMo material.

Customization is available for this product, allowing for specific requirements and customized requests.

Product Description:

The Customized Rotary Table Crane Slewing Ring Bearings VLA 20 0944 N Outer Gear is a four-point contact ball slewing turntable bearing. It consists of two ring seats and has a compact structure and light weight. The steel ball and arc track contact at four points, enabling it to bear axial force, radial force, and overturning moment simultaneously. It has a strong dynamic load capacity.

Another type of slewing bearing is the single-row cross roller slewing bearing. It is composed of two or three rings and has a compact structure, light weight, and high manufacturing accuracy. It requires small assembly gap and high installation accuracy. The rollers are cross-arranged, allowing it to bear axial force, overturning moment, and large radial force at the same time. This type of bearing is widely used in lifting transportation, construction machinery, and precision products.

Double row ball slewing bearings are simple in structure and can support high static loads. They are suitable for situations with variation load position and direction, as well as continuous rotation. Main applications for this type of bearing include deck hoisting, mining, and material handling.

The three-row roller slewing bearing is the largest of the four structural products. It can bear all kinds of loads simultaneously and is known for its large axial and radial dimensions and firm structure. It is especially suitable for heavy machinery requiring a larger diameter, such as bucket wheel stackers and reclaimers, wheel cranes, marine cranes, port cranes, ladle turrets, large tonnage truck cranes, and heavy machinery.

Product Specifications:

– Type:
– Single row four-point contact ball slewing bearing
– Single row crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearings
– Double row ball slewing bearings
– Double row roller/ball combination slewing bearing
– Three-Row Roller Slew Ring Bearing

– Rolling elements: Steel ball / Cylinder Roller
– Rolling elements Material: GCr5/GCr15SiMn/Customized
– Bearing Material: 50Mn/42CrMo/42CrMo4V/Customized
– Cage Material: Nylon/steel/copper
– Structure: Taper pin, Mounting holes, Inner ring, grease fitting, load plug, seals, roller, spacer balls or separators
– Outer diameter: 50-10000mm
– Bore size: 50-10000mm
– Mounting hole: Through hole/Tapped hole
– Raceway hardness: 55-62HRC
– Inner and outer ring modulation hardness: 229-269HB/Customized
– Gear type: No gear, Internal gear, External gear
– Embellish grease: EP2 lithium lubricating grease
– Certificate: ABS, BV, DNV, ISO9001, GL, 3.1, 3.2
– Application area: Ladle turret, Stacker crane, Bucket wheel machine, Solar heliostat Tracking System, port crane, Cabling machine, tower crane, offshore platform, ferris wheel, Palletizing robot,