Drive Excavator Dozer Sprockets Wheel Gear with Stable Performance


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Drive Excavator Dozer Sprockets Wheel Gear with Stable Performance

The Drive Excavator Dozer Sprockets Wheel Gear is a high-performance component used in crawler excavators and dozers. It provides stable and reliable performance in various construction works. The sprocket rim is designed to fit well with the track link, ensuring smooth and steady movement even when the link stretches due to wear and tear. The sprocket rim is typically located at the back part of the running device of an excavator.

Excavator and bulldozer undercarriage parts list:
– Sprocket
– Track link
– Track shoe
– Track roller
– Carrier roller
– Idler
– Track tensioner

Production and Processing:
The Drive Excavator Dozer Sprockets Wheel Gear is produced and processed using advanced machinery and equipment. Our skilled workers ensure the highest quality standards are met during the manufacturing process. The sprockets undergo acid-washing and phosphating to ensure a clean and dust-free interior, keeping the hydraulic system of the excavator clean and pollution-free. The outer surface of the sprocket is sprayed with plastic paint, allowing for customization to match the color of the excavator body.

Excavator and bulldozer model list:
– Excavator model 1
– Excavator model 2
– Bulldozer model 1
– Bulldozer model 2

About Us:
Jinan Changhao Mechanical Equipment Co. is a reliable and professional manufacturer of hydraulic breaker parts, breaker pipeline parts, and excavator parts. Our products are known for their high quality, reasonable prices, and efficient delivery. We have been exporting to many countries worldwide and have established partnerships with well-known dealers in the domestic and foreign markets. Our pipelines and spare parts are acid-washed, phosphated, and welded by first-class welders to ensure durability and oil leak prevention.

Product Description:
– Type: Crawler Excavator
– Warranty: 1 Year
– Certification: CE
– Condition: Used
– Applicable Industries: Construction Works
– Customization: Available, Customized Request

1. What is the warranty period for the Drive Excavator Dozer Sprockets Wheel Gear?
2. Can the sprocket fit different models of crawler excavators and dozers?
3. How can I customize the sprocket to match the color of my excavator body?
4. What is the certification process for the sprocket?
5. Are there any additional accessories required for installation and maintenance?

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