Extended Endurance Gears for Superior Performance


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**Extended Endurance Gears for Superior Performance**


Our Extended Endurance Gears are designed to provide superior performance in various industries. These gears are crafted with precision using carbon steel or stainless steel materials, ensuring durability and longevity. With surface treatment options including painting or as per requirement, these gears can be customized according to specific technical drawings.

**Product Features**

– Material: Carbon Steel / Stainless Steel
– Surface Treatment: Painting or as Per Requirement
– Roughness: As Per Technical Specification
– Transport Package: Wooden Case/Pallet Suitable for Different Shipping
– Specification: Customized according to drawing
– Customization: Available | Customized Request

**Common Use Scenarios**

Our Extended Endurance Gears are widely used in industries such as automotive, machinery, and manufacturing. These gears can be applied in various applications, including turbocharger parts, valve parts, pump parts, laboratory equipment parts, electrical appliance parts, auto parts, rail parts, marine parts, construction equipment parts, drainage parts, mining parts, and any customized shaped parts according to specific technical drawings or samples.

**Product Benefits**

– Exceptional strength and resilience
– Versatile component for a wide range of applications
– Precise engineering for seamless operation and optimal power transmission
– Smooth and efficient gear engagement, minimizing noise and vibration
– Rigorous testing and quality control measures for reliable performance in demanding environments

**Installation, Maintenance, and Repair**

To install the Extended Endurance Gears, follow the specific technical drawings provided. Regular maintenance is recommended to ensure optimal performance and longevity. If repair is needed, consult the technical drawings or contact our customer service for assistance. To replace the gears, carefully remove the old ones and install the new gears according to the provided instructions.

**Other Products**

Ever-Power Group offers a wide range of Plastic Gears used in various industries. Our product range includes Plastic Spur Gears, Plastic Helical Gears, Plastic Worm Gears, Plastic Bevel Gears, Plastic Pinion Gears, Plastic Nylon Gears, Plastic Transmission Gears, Plastic Sprocket Gears, Plastic Wheel Gears, Plastic Injection Gears, Plastic Ring Gears, Plastic Rack Gears, and more. We provide high-quality products, competitive prices, and excellent service. Customization is available based on drawings or samples.


1. Are you a manufacturer or a trading company?
– We are a professional manufacturer with over 20 years of experience in designing and producing casting parts and machining parts.

2. How can I get some samples?
– If you need samples, we are glad to offer them for free. However, new clients are expected to pay the mold cost and courier cost.

3. Can you make casting according to our drawing?
– Yes, we can make casting according to your drawing, whether it’s a 2D drawing or a 3D CAD model. If you provide a 3D CAD model, the tooling development process can be more efficient.

4. Can you make casting based on our samples?
– Yes, we can make measurements based on your samples to create drawings for tooling making.

5. What’s your quality control device in-house?
– We have a spectrometer to monitor the chemical property, a tensile test machine to control the mechanical property, and UT Sonic as an NDT checking method to ensure the quality of the casting.

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