FF Parallel Shaft Flange Mounted Helical Gearbox for Plastic Machinery


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FF Parallel Shaft Flange Mounted Helical Gearbox for Plastic Machinery

The FF Parallel Shaft Flange Mounted Helical Gearbox is widely used in various industries such as motor, machinery, marine, and agricultural machinery. Its hardened tooth surface ensures durability and long service life. With a 90-degree installation and coaxial layout, this gearbox is designed for efficient power transmission.

The gear shape of this gearbox is a bevel gear, and it operates in a single-step manner. The gearbox comes with a sample price of US$200 per piece, with a minimum order quantity of 1 piece.

Product Description:
The FF Parallel Shaft Flange Mounted Helical Gearbox features a high modular design and flexible mounting mode. Its integrated casting housing provides a compact dimension, stable transmitting, and low noise level. The gearbox is equipped with perfect oil leakage prevention, ensuring good sealings and wide application in various industries. It is designed with advanced gear grinding and a modified profile for high loading support and safe operation. The gearbox is highly efficient, saving power and reducing costs through low maintenance.

Main applied industries:
– Harbor and shipping
– Hoist and transport
– Electric power
– Coal mining
– Cement and construction
– Paper and light industry

Product Parameters:
– Housing material: Cast iron/Ductile iron
– Housing hardness: HBS190-240
– Gear material: 20CrMnTi alloy steel
– Surface hardness of gears: HRC58°~62 °
– Gear core hardness: HRC33~40
– Input / Output shaft material: 42CrMo alloy steel
– Input / Output shaft hardness: HRC25~30
– Machining precision of gears: accurate grinding, 6~5 Grade
– Lubricating oil: GB L-CKC220-460, Shell Omala220-460
– Heat treatment: tempering, cementing, quenching, etc.
– Efficiency: 94%~96% (depends on the transmission stage)
– Noise (MAX): 60~68dB
– Temp. rise (MAX): 40°C
– Temp. rise (Oil)(MAX): 50°C
– Vibration: ≤20µm
– Backlash: ≤20 Arcmin
– Brand of bearings: China top brand bearing, HRB/LYC/ZWZ/C&U. Or other brands requested, SKF, FAG, INA, NSK.
– Brand of oil seal: NAK — Taiwan or other brands requested

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