Foot Mounted Output Hollow Shaft Helical-Bevel Gearbox for Plastic Tractor Machines

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Foot Mounted Output Hollow Shaft Helical-Bevel Gearbox for Plastic Tractor Machines

The Foot Mounted Output Hollow Shaft Helical-Bevel Gearbox is widely used in various applications such as motor, machinery, marine, and agricultural machinery. It features a hardened tooth surface for durability and a 90-degree installation layout for easy installation. The gearbox has a single-step worm gear shape and a coaxial design.

Product Description:

The Foot Mounted Output Hollow Shaft Helical-Bevel Gearbox has a high modular design with a biomimetic surface, showcasing our owned intellectual property. It is manufactured using German worm hob to process the worm wheel, resulting in high torque, efficiency, and a long life circle. The gearbox can achieve a direct combination for two sets of gearbox. It is available in different mounting modes such as foot mounted, flange mounted, and torque arm mounted. The output shaft can be either solid or hollow.

Product Parameters:

– Housing material: Cast iron/Ductile iron
– Housing hardness: HBS190-240
– Gear material: 20CrMnTi alloy steel
– Surface hardness of gears: HRC58°~62°
– Gear core hardness: HRC33~40
– Input / Output shaft material: 42CrMo alloy steel
– Input / Output shaft hardness: HRC25~30
– Machining precision of gears: accurate grinding, 6~5 Grade
– Lubricating oil: GB L-CKC220-460, Shell Omala220-460
– Heat treatment: tempering, cementiting, quenching, etc.
– Efficiency: 94%~96% (depends on the transmission stage)
– Noise (MAX): 60~68dB
– Temp. rise (MAX): 40°C
– Temp. rise (Oil)(MAX): 50°C
– Vibration: ≤20µm
– Backlash: ≤20Arcmin
– Brand of bearings: China top brand bearing, HRB/LYC/ZWZ/C&U. Or other brands requested, SKF, FAG, INA, NSK.
– Brand of oil seal: NAK — Taiwan or other brands requested

Our Advantages:

– High modular design
– Biomimetic surface with owned intellectual property
– German worm hob for processing the worm wheel
– High torque, efficiency, and long life circle
– Direct combination for two sets of gearbox
– Various mounting modes available
– Solid or hollow output shaft option

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1. Are you a trading company or manufacturer?
We are a factory.

2. How long is your delivery time?
Generally, it is 5-10 days if the goods are in stock. If not, it is 15-20 days.

3. Can we buy 1 pc of each item for quality testing?
Yes, we accept trial orders for quality testing.

4. How to choose a gearbox that meets your requirements?
You can refer to our catalog or provide us with the technical information of the required output torque, output speed, and motor parameters for assistance.

5. What information should we provide before placing a purchase order?
Please provide the type of gearbox, ratio, input and output type, input flange, mounting position, motor information, housing color, purchase quantity, and any other special requirements.

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