Forging Helical Gear Wheel Transmission Power Gear Large Diameter Durable Straight Tooth Cylindrical Gear

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Forging Helical Gear Wheel Transmission Power Gear Large Diameter Durable Straight Tooth Cylindrical Gear

This product is a forging helical gear wheel transmission power gear with a large diameter and durable straight tooth cylindrical gear. It is widely used in the industry for various applications.

Product Description

The forging helical gear wheel transmission power gear is made of high-quality and strong alloy steel with a carburizing or hardening treatment on the surface. This gear has a high bearing capacity and is highly durable. It is commonly used in high-speed and heavy-load machinery due to its stable transmission, low impact, vibration, and noise.


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This product finds its application in various industries, including ladle turret, stacker crane, bucket wheel machine, solar heliostat tracking system, port crane, cabling machine, tower crane, offshore platform, ferris wheel, palletizing robot, rotary metallurgical furnace, can packing machine, wind blade transporter, shield tunneling machine, tube push bench, and excavator.

Packing & Delivery

The product is carefully packed and delivered, following these steps:

  1. Filling with anti-rust oil
  2. Covered with plastic paper
  3. Covered with kraft paper
  4. Covered with blue tie
  5. Put in a wooden box

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