Hanging Planters Stainless Steel Portable Camping Gear Camping Tripod Grill Board Pot Chain Hanger


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Hanging Planters Stainless Steel Portable Camping Gear Camping Tripod Grill Board Pot Chain Hanger

Introducing our Hanging Planters Stainless Steel Portable Camping Gear Camping Tripod Grill Board Pot Chain Hanger. This versatile hanger is made of high-quality stainless steel, ensuring durability and eco-friendliness. It is designed with a single hook shape, making it easy to hang various items during your camping trips or in an industrial setting. The hanger is brand new and in excellent condition.

With a focus on customization, our hanger is available in custom sizes and shapes, allowing you to personalize it according to your preferences. It comes in a variety of plating colors, including gold, silver, nickel, gun metal, bronze, gun black, Rose Gold, antique brass, and more. The technology used for this hanger is punching/stamping, providing a sturdy and reliable design.

When it comes to design style, we offer various options such as laser, engrave, silk-screen, and paper sticker with epoxy coated. You can also customize the hanger with your own logo. Our services include customization and ODM/OEM options to meet your specific needs. We ensure that our hangers are of middle and high quality, making them suitable for use in home furnishing, bags & luggage, decoration, and more.

Our hangers are tested for CPSIA, Prop65, SGS, and Rohs compliance, guaranteeing their safety and quality. With a supply ability of 100,000 pieces per month, we are able to fulfill large orders in a timely manner. We provide shipping options including FOB Xiamen/Shenzhen/Shanghai/Ningbo or other trade terms, and we offer sea/air shipping or international courier services for your convenience.

In terms of packaging, the hangers are bulk-packed in polybags, with 100 pieces per bag and 5 bags per carton. The dimensions of the carton are 49cm x 25cm x 23cm.

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1. How can I make a custom strap?

– You can select any product on our website and adjust the size, logo, and accessories according to your needs. You can also provide a sketch or concept of the desired product, and our design team will help improve and provide accurate drawings for your approval.

2. How do I choose suitable materials for webbing?

– You can choose materials based on their properties such as polyester, PP, nylon, and cotton. Different specifications and crafting methods are also available, including woven, cord, and tubular options. Functional webbing with features like waterproof, anti-slip, and cut-proof can be selected as well.

3. How can I ensure the safety performance of the webbing?

– Reflective performance can be tested and provided with a reflective index report. High tension safety belts can be tested for breaking strength, with test reports and videos available. UV anti-aging webbing can also be provided with information on its durability against UV exposure.

4. What is the minimum order quantity?

– For conventional ready-made materials, the minimum order quantity is 1,000 pieces. If you require customized webbing, the MOQ will depend on the specific material requirements.

5. What other products does your company offer