High Hardened Forging Steel Inner Ring Gear Spur Helical Gear Spur Wheel


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High Hardened Forging Steel Inner Ring Gear Spur Helical Gear Spur Wheel

The High Hardened Forging Steel Inner Ring Gear Spur Helical Gear Spur Wheel is a versatile component used in various industries. It is commonly made from carbon steel or stainless steel and can be treated with painting or other surface treatments as per specific requirements. The roughness of the gear is determined by technical specifications.

Transport packaging options for the gear include wooden cases or pallets suitable for different shipping methods. The gear can be customized according to specific drawings, and customization options are available upon request.

Product Description:

Fengcheng Danyang Machinery specializes in supplying a variety of metal parts, including gears, through processes such as sand casting, precision casting, forging, and machining. These parts are used in various applications such as turbochargers, valves, pumps, electrical appliances, automobiles, and more.

The company owns automatic production lines for sand castings, ensuring high accuracy and stable quality. The available materials for the gear include cast iron, stainless steel, copper, aluminum alloy, and more. Additional processing options include CNC machining, plastic injection, stamping, die casting, welding, and more. The gear can be finished with various surface treatments such as powder coating, anodizing, polishing, and plating.

The gear is suitable for applications in industries such as aerospace, automotive, agriculture, construction, electrical, electronics, home appliances, medical, marine, machinery, furniture, food, lighting, and telecommunications. The manufacturing types include precision machining, CNC milling, CNC lathe turning, tapping, drilling, grinding, stamping, deep drawing, CNC punching, laser cutting, CNC bending, die casting, welding, and more.

The company has quality control devices in-house, including a spectrometer for monitoring chemical properties, a tensile test machine for controlling mechanical properties, and UT Sonic for detecting surface flaws in castings.

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