High Precision POM with GF Glass Fiber Plastic Sprocket Tooth Gear


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High Precision POM with GF Glass Fiber Plastic Sprocket Tooth Gear

This high precision POM with GF Glass Fiber Plastic Sprocket Tooth Gear is widely used in various industries such as medical, household, electronics, automotive, and agricultural applications. It is made of ABS and PVC materials, which provide durability and reliability.

The gear is certified with Ts16949 and RoHS, ensuring its quality and compliance with industry standards. Its black color adds a sleek and professional look to any application. OEM and ODM services are welcomed, allowing for customization to meet specific requirements.

The gear can be manufactured from a variety of file formats, including Auto CAD, PDF, and JPG. Its high precision and quality make it suitable for use in precision machinery and equipment.

With its high-quality material, precise manufacturing process, and rigorous quality control, this gear guarantees optimal performance and longevity. Its application range includes household appliances, electronics, vehicles, machinery, hospitals, cosmetics, military, and aerospace industries.

The gear is available in different sizes and shapes, making it adaptable to various design specifications. It can be customized based on specific drawings or samples provided by the customer.

Installation of the gear is straightforward, and its maintenance is minimal. In case of any damage, the gear can be easily replaced with a new one. Its smooth surface finish and high-quality material ensure smooth and efficient operation.

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1. Can this gear be used in high-temperature applications?
– Yes, this gear is designed to withstand high temperatures and maintain its