High Quality CNC Machining Plastic Gear


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High Quality CNC Machining Plastic Gear

The High Quality CNC Machining Plastic Gear is a precision-engineered component made from PA6, a durable and wear-resistant material. It is available in various colors such as Natural, Black, Red, Green, and can also be customized to meet specific requirements. The gear is manufactured using CNC machining, ensuring precise and accurate dimensions.

With its outstanding wear resistance, the plastic gear is suitable for a wide range of applications. It finds common use in industries such as electronic and electrician, physical and electronic science research, mineral and coal, aerospace, food processing, textile printing & dyeing industry, analytical instrument industry, medical device industry, semiconductor, solar, FPD industry, automotive industry, oil & gas, automobile, machinery, and other industrial applications.

The High Quality CNC Machining Plastic Gear is highly customizable. It can be produced according to specific material, property, and shape requirements. Various materials are available, including general plastic (HDPE, PP, PVC, ABS, PMMA), engineering plastic (POM, PA6, MC nylon, Nylon 66, PTFE, UHMWPE, PVDF), high-performance plastic (PPS, PEEK, PI, PEI), thermosetting plastic (Durostone, Ricocel sheet, G10, FR4, Bakelite), special plastic material (Plastic +GF/CA/Oil/Brone/Graphit/MSO2/ceramic), special plastic alloy (PE+PA, PP+PA, POM + PTFE), and metals (Carbon Steel, SS Steel, Brass, Iron, Bronze, Aluminum, Titanium). These materials offer a wide range of properties such as ESD, conductive, hardness, wear resistance, fire resistance, corrosion resistance, impact strength, work temperature, and UV resistance.

The CNC machining process provides further services such as cutting, CNC milling and turning, drilling, grinding, bending, stamping, tapping, and injection. The surface finish options include zinc-plated, nickel-plated, chrome-plated, silver-plated, gold-plated, and imitation gold-plated.

Installation of the High Quality CNC Machining Plastic Gear is straightforward and can be done using standard tools and techniques. Proper maintenance and regular inspections can ensure optimal performance and longevity. In the event of any damage, the gear can be easily replaced with a new one.

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