high Strenth POM Gear

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High Strenth POM Gear

The high strength POM gear is a type of gear commonly used in various applications such as motors, electric cars, motorcycles, machinery, marine equipment, agricultural machinery, and industries. It is an external gear with a soft tooth surface and is manufactured using the rolling gear method. The toothed portion shape of the gear is a spur gear made of polyformaldehyde.

Customization is available for the high strength POM gear, and we can fulfill customized requests.

Product Description

Ubet produces various types of gears, with spur gears being the most commonly used. The material options include steel and stainless steel, and the number of teeth ranges from 10 to 150. The modulus ranges from 1 to 5, with a pressure angle of 20°.

Advantages of Spur Gear:
– High power transmission efficiency
– Compact and easy to install
– Offers constant velocity ratio
– No slip compared to belt drives
– Highly reliable

Applications of Spur Gear:
– Metal cutting machines
– Power plants
– Marine engines
– Mechanical clocks and watches
– Fuel pumps
– Washing machines
– Gear motors and gear pumps
– Rack and pinion mechanisms
– Material handling equipment
– Steel mills
– Gear boxes

– Dimension A:
– Module 1: 25 mm
– Module 1.5: 30 mm
– Module 2: 35 mm
– Module 2.5: 40 mm
– Module 3: 50 mm
– Module 4: 60 mm
– Module 5: 75 mm
– Module 6: 80 mm
– Dimension B:
– Module 1: 15 mm
– Module 1.5: 17 mm
– Module 2: 20 mm
– Module 2.5: 25 mm
– Module 3: 30 mm
– Module 4: 40 mm
– Module 5: 50 mm
– Module 6: 60 mm

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