High Wear Resistance China Plastic Spur Gear Wheel Nylon PA66 Sprocket


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High Wear Resistance China Plastic Spur Gear Wheel Nylon PA66 Sprocket

This high wear resistance China plastic spur gear wheel nylon PA66 sprocket is made from thermosetting plastic in granule form. It is manufactured using compression molding. The sprocket is available in various colors such as white, blue, red, green, brown, yellow, and nature. It is made from materials like nylon, PA, POM, PE, Upe, PTFE, PVC, and ABS. This product exhibits good abrasion resistance and is commonly used in industries such as industry, medical and pharmaceutical, semiconductor, photovoltaic energy, chemical electronics, and communications.

Product Description

– Name: CNC machine plastic parts
– Material: Nylon, PEEK, PI, PEI, PU, PA6, POM, PE, UPE, PTFE, ABS, PC, PP, PS, PMMA, PBT, PVC, PA66, PA66+30%GF, TPE, etc.
– Color: White, black, green, nature, blue, yellow, etc.
– Condition: In stock/ Made to order
– Style: Injection molding, Compression molding
– Shape: As per your drawing
– Physical Properties: Physical Properties of Common Engineering Plastics
– Other Shape: Sheet, rod,