Hight Quality Hydraulic Power Steering Rack


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Hight Quality Hydraulic Power Steering Rack

The Hight Quality Hydraulic Power Steering Rack is a sliding door accessory used for connection purposes. It is made of high-quality metal, specifically iron, which ensures its durability and reliability. The rack is designed to provide smooth and efficient movement for sliding doors, especially when used in conjunction with a door motor.

Key features of the Hight Quality Hydraulic Power Steering Rack include:

– Type: Sliding Door Accessories, Connection
– Material: Metal, Iron
– Color: Fixed
– Customized: Available
– Standard: International
– Modulus: M4

The Hight Quality Hydraulic Power Steering Rack is widely used in various industries and is exported to Southeast Asia, Europe, South America, and other regions. Its reliable quality and excellent performance make it a popular choice among customers.

The rack comes with screws for easy installation. It is available in different specifications and materials to cater to various needs. Some of the available options include Nylon Rack (2 Eyes Light/Heavy, 4 Eyes Light, 6 Eyes Heavy) and Iron Rack (8*30*1005, 8*30*1998, 9*30*1005, 10*30*1005, 10*30*1998, 11*30*1005, 11*30*1998, 12*30*1005, 12*30*1998, 22*22*1005, 22*22*1998, 30*30*998, 30*30*1998). These variations ensure that customers can find the right product to meet their specific requirements.

In terms of installation, the Hight Quality Hydraulic Power Steering Rack can be easily mounted using the provided screws. Proper maintenance and regular inspection are recommended to ensure smooth operation and prolong the lifespan of the rack. If any repair or replacement is needed, it is advised to follow the manufacturer’s instructions or seek professional assistance.

Product Categories

– Iron gear rack
– Nylon gear rack
– Trapezoidal lead Screw

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