Large Steel Spur Gear Customized Non-Standard Ring Gear


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Large Steel Spur Gear Customized Non-Standard Ring Gear

The Large Steel Spur Gear Customized Non-Standard Ring Gear is a specialized gear used in various industries. It is designed to be used as an external gear and has a hardness range of Hb190-Hb300. The gear is made of high-quality steel material, which ensures its durability and strength.

This gear can be customized according to specific requirements, providing flexibility in terms of size, shape, and tooth profile. The gear is suitable for applications in manufacturing plants, machinery repair shops, and construction works.

One of the key attributes of this gear is its professional production, ensuring its high precision and reliability. It undergoes various processes such as casting, forging, and hobbing. The gear can be heat-treated to enhance its properties and can be made with different pressure angles, such as 20/40/50/60, based on customization needs.

The Large Steel Spur Gear Customized Non-Standard Ring Gear is suitable for use in industry machinery. It adheres to applicable standards like ISO/DIN and can be customized to meet specific requirements. The gear is available in both standard and nonstandard tooth profiles.

With its excellent material quality and precision, the gear offers standard grade precision or can be customized to meet specific precision requirements. It is suitable for a wide range of applications and is a reliable choice for industrial machinery.

Packaging and delivery of the gear are done with utmost care. The gear is packaged with anti-rust oil, plastic film, Kraft paper, and professional belts to prevent any damage during transportation. It is packed in wooden boxes to ensure protection against moisture and rust. The packaging can be tailored according to customer requirements.

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