Lyhy Single Row Ball Slewing Bearings with External Gear 2ie. 089.00


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Lyhy Single Row Ball Slewing Bearings with External Gear 2ie. 089.00

Product Description:

Lyhy Single Row Ball Slewing Bearings with External Gear 2ie. 089.00 are standard slewing ring bearings with the following features:

– Standard or Nonstandard: Standard
– Feature: Cold-Resistant, Corrosion-Resistant, Heat-Resistant
– Sealing Gland: Sealed On Both Sides
– Rolling-Element Number: Single-Row
– Roller Type: Deep Groove Raceway
– Material: 50mn 42CrMo

These slewing ring bearings are designed and manufactured by LYHY, a professional manufacturer in slewing ring bearings since 1993. LYHY can also design and make other standard and non-standard ball slewing ring bearings, roller slewing bearings, and precision slewing ring bearings according to customer’s technical requirements.

Slewing ring bearings, also known as slewing rings, slewing bearings, turntable bearings, or rotary bearings, are able to bear axial load, radial load, and overturning torque. They have their own mounting holes, lubricant holes, and seal holes, catering to the different needs of various host machines operating under various conditions.

These slewing ring bearings have the following types:

1. Four-point contact ball slewing ring bearings
2. Double row ball four-point contact slewing ring bearings (same diameter ball; different diameter ball)
3. Cross roller slewing ring bearings
4. Triple row cylindrical roller combined slewing ring bearings
5. Ball roller combined slewing ring bearings
6. Light flanged slewing ring bearings

Technical Data:

1. Material: 42CrMo, 50Mn
2. Precision: P0, P6, P5
3. Outside diameter: 200~9500mm
4. Cage/retainer: Nylon or aluminum
5. Gear type: non-geared, internal gear, and external gear, gear hardened


Slewing ring bearings are widely used in various industries and are known as “the machine joints.” They find specific applications in:

1. Construction machinery (e.g., cranes, excavators, loader, scraper)
2. Metallurgical machinery (e.g., for steel plant)
3. Heavy machinery equipment (e.g., mining machinery, concrete machinery)
4. Marine machinery equipment (e.g., vessel, port hoisting machine, port oil transfer equipment, onshore and offshore crane)
5. Light machinery equipment (e.g., paper machine, plastic, rubber machine, weave machine)
6. Wind power generator
7. Military products (e.g., aerospace machinery)
8. Packing machinery

Packaging Details:

These slewing ring bearings are packaged with care to ensure their quality and protection during transportation. The packaging process includes:

1. Covered with anti-rust oil
2. Wrapped with plastic film
3. Packed with Kraft paper and professional belts
4. Put into a wooden box to avoid rust or moisture

Customized packaging is also available upon request.

Our Advantages:

1. Good quality and competitive price
2. Trial order accepted
3. ISO certified company
4. OEM and ODM accepted
5. Manufacturing slewing ring bearings since 2000

LYHY Slewing bearing models:

– 2IE.031.00
– 2IE.031.10
– 2IE.035.00
– 2IE.040.00
– 2IE.043.00
– 2IE.050.00
– 2IE.064.00
– 2IE.074.00
– 2IE.083.00
– 2IE.095.00
– 2IE.104.00
– 2IE.119.00
– 2IE.050.10
– 2IE.058.00
– 2IE.059.00
– 2IE.079.00
– 2IE.086.00
– 2IE.089.00
– 2IE.099.00
– 2IE.109.10
– 2IE.119.10
– 2IE.120.00
– 2IE.129.00
– 2IE.139.00
– 2IE.143.00
– 2IE.149.00
– 2IE.159.00
– 2IE.166.00
– 2IE.114.00
– 2IE.128.00
– 2IE.138.00
– 2IE.180.00
– 2DE.042.00
– 2DE.050.00
– 2DE.086.00
– 2DE.108.00
– 2DE.059.00
– 2DE.069.00
– 2DE.071.00
– 2DE.083.00
– 2DE.097.00
– 2DE.114.00
– 2DE.120.00
– 2DE.138.00
– 2DE.116.00
– 2DE.128.00
– 2DE.147.00
– 2DE.180.00

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