Metal Powder Metallurgy Process Speed Spur Moter Gear


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Metal Powder Metallurgy Process Speed Spur Motor Gear

The Metal Powder Metallurgy Process Speed Spur Motor Gear, also known as a small gear, is a type of cold heading part made from steel. It is commonly used in American mower gearboxes. The gear has been certified with ISO9001/IATF16949 and is packaged in a carton for transportation.

Product Description:

– Product Name: Sintered Iron Pinion Gear
– Blank Type: Forging or Casting
– Processing Type: Casting
– Service: Customized OEM CNC Turning Machining
– Size: Customer’s Drawing

The Metal Powder Metallurgy Process Speed Spur Motor Gear is a versatile gear that can be used in various applications. Its sintered iron pinion gear design ensures durability and efficiency. Whether it’s for automotive, motorcycle, machinery, railway and bridges, or furniture industries, this gear is a reliable choice.

Installation, Maintenance, and Repair:

– Installation: The gear can be easily installed by following the provided customer’s drawing.
– Maintenance: Regular lubrication and inspection of the gear will ensure its optimal performance and longevity.
– Repair: In case of any damage or wear, the gear can be repaired by replacing the faulty parts or the entire gear assembly.


– High Durability: The steel material used in the gear ensures its strength and durability, making it suitable for heavy-duty applications.
– Precise Machining: The gear is produced with customized CNC turning machining, ensuring accurate dimensions and smooth operation.
– Customization: The gear can be customized according to specific requirements, allowing for flexibility in design and application.

Materials that can be used:

– Steel: The gear is made from high-quality steel, providing excellent strength and wear resistance.


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Q1: Are the gears original spare parts?
A: No, our gears are replacement parts and not original spare parts.

Q2: Can the gears be customized?
A: Yes, we offer customization services for our gears.

Q3: What materials are used for the gears?
A: The gears are made from high-quality plastic materials.

Q4: How do I install and maintain the gears?
A: The gears can be installed by following the provided instructions. Regular lubrication and inspection are recommended for maintenance.

Q5: Can I replace the gears if they get damaged?
A: Yes, the gears can be replaced if they get damaged. Please contact us for replacement options.

Q6: Do you offer warranty for the gears?
A: Yes, we offer a warranty for our gears. Please check the specific terms and conditions for each product.