Military Green Riot Body Arimor Suit


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Military Green Riot Body Armor Suit

The Military Green Riot Body Armor Suit is a protective suit designed for riot control situations. It is commonly used by law enforcement agencies and security personnel to maintain peace and order during protests, demonstrations, and other civil disturbances.

Key Features:

– Weight: 7kgs
– Protector Area: 1.08m2
– Size: 165-190cm
– Feature: Proof Fire, Proof Water, etc.
– Transport Package: 2 Set/CTN
– Specification: ISO2001

Product Description:

The Military Green Riot Body Armor Suit is made of high-quality materials to ensure maximum protection and durability. The suit consists of various components that cover the chest, abdomen, groin, back, arms, legs, thighs, and feet, providing comprehensive protection to the wearer.

– 600D polyester cloth, EVA, nylon plastic, Aluminum plate

– 7.1kg/pc

– Suitable for individuals measuring 165cm-190cm

Temperature Testing:
– The suit can withstand temperatures ranging from -20º C to +55º C.

Protect Area:
– Chest, abdomen, groin: >0.26m2
– Back: >0.14m2
– Arm: >0.26m2
– Leg: >0.42m2

Resistance Capability:
– Velcro: >7.2N/cm2
– Buckle: >500N
– Joints: >2000N

Anti-Stab Testing:
– The suit cannot be pierced when subjected to a dagger with 2000N of static pressure for 1 minute (≥ 20J) on the chest, back, and groin areas.

Anti-Wallop in Key Parts:
– The suit remains undamaged when a 7.5kg steel ball is continuously propelled onto the chest and arms parts from a height of 163cm (≥ 20J).

Anti-Impact Testing:
– The back and chest parts sustain no more than 2cm deep damage when subjected to 100J of energy.

Upper Body & Shoulder Protector:
– Nylon outer shell, EVA foam, steel plate
– Chest/back/arm padding made of EVA foam
– Shoulder padding made of sponge foam & polyester tricot
– Mesh arm protector lining
– Double riveted PP (polypropylene) connector straps and Velcro® fasteners
– Adjustment Straps: Commercial grade elastic with Velcro® fasteners

Thigh/Groin Protector:
– Thigh Section: Plastic nylon outer shell, laminated EVA foam
– Mesh inner lining, polyester outer covering
– Elastic adjusters with Velcro® fasteners
– Groin Section: EVA foam padding with mesh outer covering
– Inner plastic nylon shell
– Commercial grade elastic adjusters and connectors

Hard-Shell Shin Guards and Foot Protector:
– Plastic nylon knee cap, EVA foam knee padding, 600d black polyester outer covering
– Tricot & sponge knee & foot protector inner lining
– Plastic nylon knee and foot protector outer shell
– PVC (polyvinyl carbonate) padded suspension braces
– Polyester adjusters with Velcro® fasteners
– Adjustable foot protector
– Padded ankle protector
– All components are riveted to the outer shell

This Military Green Riot Body Armor Suit provides reliable protection in riot situations and ensures the safety of law enforcement personnel. Its durable construction and ergonomic design make it comfortable to wear for extended periods. It is suitable for various applications such as crowd control, public safety, and riot response.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs):

1. Is the Military Green Riot Body Armor Suit suitable for both men and women?
– Yes, the suit is designed to accommodate individuals measuring between 165cm and 190cm, regardless of gender.

2. Can the suit withstand extreme temperatures?
– Yes, the suit is tested to withstand temperatures ranging from -20º C to +55º C, ensuring optimal performance in various environments.

3. Are there customization options available for the suit?
– Yes, customization options are available. Please contact us for more information on how to customize the suit to your specific requirements.

4. How can I maintain and clean the suit?
– The suit can be cleaned using mild soap and water. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may damage the protective components. Regularly inspect the suit for any signs of wear and tear and replace any damaged parts.

5. Can I replace individual components of the suit?
– Yes, individual components of the suit can be replaced if needed. Please contact us for replacement parts or assistance with repairs.

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