Military Police Riot Control Suit


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Military Police Riot Control Suit

The Military Police Riot Control Suit is a body protection suit designed for soldiers. It is unisex and made of polyester, nylon plastic, and aluminum plate. The suit is waterproof, UV resistant, stab resistant, and anti-resistant. It is also anti-flaming and has a high oxygen index lining.

– Material: Anti-flaming 600D polyester cloth, EVA, nylon plastic, aluminum plate
– Size: 165-190cm
– Weight: 6.8kg/set
– Protection area: >1.08m2
– Chest, abdomen, groin protectors: ≥0.26m2
– Back protectors: ≥0.14m2
– Upper limbers protectors: ≥0.26m2
– Lower limbers protectors: ≥0.42m2
– Anti-stab performance: Front & back of the armor can withstand 20J puncture kinetic energy
– Anti-impact performance: Can withstand 120J impact kinetic energy
– Strike energy absorption performance: The protective coating can bear 100J kinetic energy impact
– Anti-flaming performance: Plastic protective pieces are in line with FV-2 level, oxygen index of lining >28%
– Acclimatization temperature: -20ºC~+55ºC
– Standard: GA420-2003 Anti-Riot-Suit
– Packing: 51*48*54cm, 1ctn/2sets
– Note: Only 2 minutes to put on
– Customization available

Product Description

The Military Police Riot Control Suit is a high-quality body protection suit suitable for soldiers. It is made of anti-flaming 600D polyester cloth, EVA, nylon plastic, and aluminum plate, providing excellent protection against various threats. The suit is designed to be waterproof, UV resistant, stab resistant, and anti-resistant, ensuring the safety and security of the wearer in challenging situations.

The suit features a chest protector made of nylon plastic and aluminum plate, offering enhanced protection for vital organs. The groin and back protectors are also made of aluminum plate, providing additional coverage and reinforcement. The suit is designed to fit individuals with a height range of 165-190cm.

With a total weight of 6.8kg per set, the Military Police Riot Control Suit is lightweight and comfortable to wear for extended periods. It offers a protection area of over 1.08m2, with specific areas such as the chest, abdomen, groin, back, upper limbs, and lower limbs well-covered.

The suit’s anti-stab performance is impressive, with the front and back armor capable of withstanding 20J puncture kinetic energy. It also offers excellent anti-impact performance, capable of withstanding 120J impact kinetic energy. The strike energy absorption performance is remarkable, with the protective coating able to bear 100J kinetic energy impact while keeping creasing to a minimum.

In terms of safety, the Military Police Riot Control Suit excels in anti-flaming performance. The plastic protective pieces meet FV-2 level standards, with an oxygen index of the lining surpassing 28%. Furthermore, the after-flame time is less than 10 seconds without a fire source.

The suit is designed to withstand a wide range of temperatures, with an acclimatization range of -20ºC to +55ºC. It meets the standard of GA420-2003 Anti-Riot-Suit, ensuring its reliability and effectiveness.

The Military Police Riot Control Suit is packaged in a convenient size of 51*48*54cm, with one carton containing two sets. Putting on the suit is quick and easy, taking only 2 minutes. Additionally, customization options are available to meet specific requirements.

Common Use Scenarios

– Riot control operations
– Military operations
– Law enforcement activities
– Security details for high-profile events
– Protection against crowd disturbances


– Excellent protection against stab and impact threats
– Lightweight and comfortable to wear
– Waterproof and UV resistant
– Anti-flaming properties for enhanced safety
– Customizable to meet specific needs
– Quick and easy to put on


The Military Police Riot Control Suit is made of high-quality materials to ensure its durability and effectiveness. The suit consists of anti-flaming 600D polyester cloth, EVA, nylon plastic, and aluminum plate. These materials provide excellent protection against various threats and contribute to the suit’s overall performance and reliability.

Installation, Maintenance, and Repair

Installing the Military Police Riot Control Suit is a straightforward process that can be done in just a few minutes. Simply follow the provided instructions and ensure that all straps and fasteners are securely fastened.

When it comes to maintenance, regular inspections and cleaning are necessary to keep the suit in optimal condition. Inspect the suit for any damage or wear and tear, and clean it according to the manufacturer’s guidelines. Avoid using harsh chemicals or abrasive materials that may compromise the suit’s integrity.

In the event of damage or malfunction, it is recommended to have the suit repaired by a professional who is experienced in handling protective gear. Attempting to repair the suit without proper knowledge and expertise can result in further damage or reduced effectiveness.

If replacement parts are needed, it is crucial to ensure that only compatible and certified parts are used. Consult with the manufacturer or an authorized distributor to obtain the correct replacement parts and follow their instructions for proper installation.

Product Classification

The Military Police Riot Control Suit falls under the category of body protection gear. It is specifically designed to provide comprehensive protection to the wearer during riot control, military operations, law enforcement activities, and security details. The suit’s design and materials make it suitable for both men and women, ensuring universal usability.

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