Mltor Gear Hobbing Machine for Processing Gear Box

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Mltor Gear Hobbing Machine for Processing Gear Box

The Mltor Gear Hobbing Machine is a vertical type machine used for gear hobbing applications. It is designed to process gear boxes with a maximal diameter of 500mm and a minimum module of 0.5mm. The machine is capable of producing gears with a hardened tooth surface.

– Integrated chip conveyor design to save space
– Can process cylindrical, helical, and small taper drum gears, including 45 angle tooth profile processing
– High-speed directly driven servo motor equipped with B and C axis for increased precision and efficiency
– Main casting of machine bed and column made of Mehana high-strength structure, with rectangular large-surface plastic-coated lead rail for compact and dynamic structure
– Short driven chain to ensure precision, reaching Grade 6
– Spindle with high-power servo motor for constant torque stepless speed change within the rated speed range

Machine Parameter Description:
– Coordinate Axis Number: 5 axis
– Processing gear type: spur gear, helical gear, worm wheel, spline
– Procision: Mass Production Grade 7 (GB/T10095-2008)
– Workpiece:
– Maximal diameter: 500mm
– Maximal cylindrical helical gear diameter:
– 370mm (Helix angle 30°)
– 250mm (Helix angle 45°)
– Minimum module: 0.5mm
– Maximal module: 5mm
– Maximal face width: 350mm
– Teeth range: ≥10 teeth
– Tool:
– Maximal rotating speed: 1000 r/min
– Maximal tool length: 120mm
– Maximal hob diameter: 120mm
– Tool arbor diameter: 22mm, 27mm, 32mm
– Tool procision accuracy: ≤10mm
– Hob shifting: Automatic
– Hob shifting travel: 150mm
– Spindle:
– Z-slide travel: 500mm
– Hob head swivel angle: ±45°
– Turntable:
– Z-slide travel: 180mm
– Turntable diameter: 150mm
– Turntable maximal rpm: 240 r/min
– Power:
– Main motor power: 15KW
– Total power: 28.5KW
– Size & Weight:
– Floor space: 2200x2300x2800mm
– Machine weight: 3000kg

The Mltor Gear Hobbing Machine is a high-speed CNC 5-axis gear hobbing machine suitable for processing gear boxes. It offers various advantages such as integrated chip conveyor design, the ability to process different types of gears, high-speed servo motor for increased precision, and a compact and dynamic structure. It is suitable for various applications in the gear manufacturing industry.

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