OEM Plastic Injection Molding Steering Shaft Steering Rack Lzsu-5


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OEM Plastic Injection Molding Steering Shaft Steering Rack Lzsu-5

The OEM Plastic Injection Molding Steering Shaft Steering Rack LZSU-5 is a steering rack designed for use in agricultural products processing and harvesters. It is made of alloy steel and comes in a black color. This steering rack is customizable and available for OEM orders.

– Restores precise steering
– Made to ensure safe and reliable driving
– Manufactured from durable materials to last
– Tough construction to withstand everyday wear and tear

The steering rack assembly has a height of 848mm, which cannot be changed, but it can tilt backward and forward. The steering wheel diameter can be either 380mm or 350mm. The steering rack shroud is made of plastic injection molding, ensuring its usability under temperatures ranging from -50ºC to 80ºC. The steering rack also includes a mounted wire harness, rocker switch, left and right combination switch, and ignition switch. The inner steel frame is either powder coated or galvanized to prevent rust.

The assembly mode of the steering rack is either with a spline key or parallel key. The pivot point is located in the middle of the steering rack, allowing for adjustment range of 21 degrees backward (driver) and 7 degrees forward (window). The locking handle on the left side can be pulled counterclockwise to adjust the position before and after. After positioning the steering rack, the rotating handle can be turned clockwise to lock it in place.

To accommodate operators of different heights, the steering rack has adjustable front and rear inclination angles and adjustable up and down heights. The decorative shroud comes in three shapes: curved surface, straight face, and inclined surface, providing an aesthetically pleasing design.

This steering rack is ergonomically designed for use in construction machinery, agricultural machinery, and mining machinery.

Product Details:
– Product Name: Steering Rack LZSU-5
– MOQ: 1 Piece
– Supply Ability: 1000 Pieces/month
– Packing: Standard Export Carton

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1. Are you the original manufacturer?
Zhineng Construction Machinery is a professional manufacturer since 1996. We provide customized and OEM services.

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We normally work on FOB, CFR, CIF, CIP terms.

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The delivery time is usually 15-30 days after the first payment. If the product is customized, it may take a little longer.

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We can work on T/T or L/C terms.

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We can deliver the product by sea,