Pm Bevel Gear Conical Gear


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Pm Bevel Gear Conical Gear

The Pm Bevel Gear Conical Gear is a precision CNC machining part that is made of high-quality brass or aluminum. It is commonly used in various industries and applications. The gear is designed to provide smooth and efficient power transmission, ensuring the optimal performance of the machinery.

Product Features:
– Precision CNC machining parts that strictly follow customers’ drawing, packing, and quality requirements.
– Tolerance: between +/-0.01mm.
– High-tech CMM inspector ensures the quality of the gear.
– Full-experienced engineers and well-trained workers.
– Fast delivery time.
– Professional advice for customers.

Product Parameters:
– Material: The gear can be made of different materials, including stainless steel, steel, brass, iron, bronze, aluminum, and plastic.
– Certification: CE, RoHS, GS, ISO9001.
– Standard: DIN, ASTM, GOST, GB, JIS, ANSI.
– Customization: Available.

Installation and Maintenance:
– The Pm Bevel Gear Conical Gear should be installed according to the specific requirements of the machinery it is used in.
– Regular maintenance is recommended to ensure the gear’s optimal performance.
– In case of any damage or malfunction, the gear can be repaired or replaced.

Advantages of CNC Machining:
– Deeper industrial experience at CNC machining parts service for more than 10 years.
– 2D or 3D files are available for customization.
– Quality priority is the key focus, ensuring customer satisfaction.
– No minimum order quantity requirement.
– Faster delivery time.
– Customized size and specifications are available.
– Conveniently located near Shanghai Port for efficient shipping.

Packaging and Shipping:
– Packaging can be customized according to specific requirements.
– Shipping options include express delivery (DHL, TNT, etc.) for lightweight packages and sea freight for heavier or bulkier shipments.

Company’s Other Products:
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1. Is the Pm Bevel Gear Conical Gear suitable for all types of machinery?
Yes, the gear is designed to be compatible with various types of machinery. However, it is recommended to consult with our experts to ensure the gear’s suitability for your specific application.

2. Can the gear be customized to specific sizes and specifications?
Yes, we offer customization options for the gear. You can provide us with your requirements, such as size, material, and specifications, and we will tailor the gear accordingly.

3. How long is the warranty for the Pm Bevel Gear Conical Gear?
The gear comes with a half-year warranty. If any issues arise within this period, we will repair or replace the gear as necessary.

4. Do you offer OEM services for CNC machining parts?
Yes, we have full OEM experience and can provide one-stop solutions for a broad range of applications. Our team of experts will work closely with you to meet your specific requirements.

5. How can I contact EVER-POWER GROUP for further inquiries or orders?
You can contact us through the provided contact information on our website. Our representatives will be happy to assist you and answer any questions you may have.