Ring Big Inner Gear Wheel Customized Gear Wheel High Quality Internal Helical Spur Gear


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Ring Big Inner Gear Wheel Customized Gear Wheel High Quality Internal Helical Spur Gear

This high-quality forging planetary gear and gear wheel for heavy machines is made of hardened tooth surface stainless steel. It is an internal gear that is manufactured through the casting process. The toothed portion shape is a spur gear.

Product Description:

The casting steel inner and outer ring gear is widely used in mechanical transmission. It is a cast structure made of high-quality and strength alloy steel with surface carburizing or hardening treatment. This ring gear has a high bearing capacity and durability. It is commonly used in high-speed and heavy-load machinery due to its stable transmission, low impact, vibration, and noise.

1. Integration of factories and trade ensures strict control over every working procedure of the product.
2. Competitive quality and low price.
3. Advanced technology, professional packaging, fast delivery, and developed logistics.
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This product is suitable for various applications such as ladle turret, stacker crane, bucket wheel machine, solar heliostat tracking system, port crane, cabling machine, tower crane, offshore platform, ferris wheel, palletizing robot, rotary metallurgical furnace, can packing machine, wind blade transporter, shield tunneling machine, tube push bench, and excavator.

Packaging & Shipping:
1. Filled with anti-rust oil
2. Covered with plastic paper
3. Covered with kraft paper
4. Covered with blue tie
5. Put in a wooden box

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