Rks. 060.20.0744 Non Gear Slewing Bearing Swivel Ring Bearing Slewing Ring Manufacturers


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RKS.060.20.0744 Non Gear Slewing Bearing Swivel Ring Bearing Slewing Ring Manufacturers

The RKS.060.20.0744 non-gear slewing bearing swivel ring bearing is a standard product that offers high speed, cold resistance, corrosion resistance, and heat resistance. It features a sealing gland that is sealed on both sides. This bearing has a single-row rolling-element number and is made of 50mn/42CrMo material. It does not have gears.

Samples of the RKS.060.20.0744 are available for purchase at US$300 per piece, with a minimum order quantity of 1 piece. Customization options are also available upon request.

Product Description:

The RKS.060.20.0744 slewing bearing is available in different types, including single row four-point contact ball slewing bearing, single row crossed cylindrical roller slewing bearings, double row ball slewing bearings, double row roller/ball combination slewing bearing, and three-row roller slew ring bearing.

The rolling elements of this bearing are made of steel ball or cylinder roller, with material options such as GCr5, GCr15SiMn, or customized. The bearing itself is made of 50Mn, 42CrMo, 42CrMo4V, or customized material. The cage material can be nylon, steel, or copper.

The structure of the RKS.060.20.0744 slewing bearing includes taper pin, mounting holes, inner ring, grease fitting, load plug, seals, roller, spacer balls or separators. Its outer diameter ranges from 50mm to 10000mm, with a bore size within the same range. Mounting holes can be either through holes or tapped holes.

The raceway hardness of the bearing is 55-62HRC, while the inner and outer ring modulation hardness is 229-269HB or customized. The bearing can come with no gear, internal gear, or external gear.

Embellish grease used for this bearing is EP2 lithium lubricating grease. It holds various certifications such as ABS, BV, DNV, ISO9001, GL, 3.1, and 3.2.

Applications of the RKS.060.20.0744 slewing bearing include ladle turret, stacker crane, bucket wheel machine, solar heliostat tracking system, port crane, cabling machine, tower crane, offshore platform, ferris wheel, palletizing robot, rotary metallurgical furnace, can packing machine, wind blade transporter, shield tunneling machine, and excavator.

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