Servo Fs5106b Generic Standard Size 6kg Plastic Gears Analog Servo


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Servo Fs5106b Generic Standard Size 6kg Plastic Gears Analog Servo

This Servo Fs5106b Generic Standard Size 6kg Plastic Gears Analog Servo is commonly used in Nc Machine Tools. It operates at variable speed and has two phases. The excitation mode is PM-Permanent Magnet, and its main function is control. The servo has 6 poles and is designed for a voltage range of 4.8-6.0 Volts.

Product Description:
– Torque: 69.56/83.47 oz-in. (4.8/6.0V)
– Speed: 0.18/0.16 sec/60° (4.8/6.0V)
– Direction: Counterclockwise 1000-2000usec
– Rotation: 180°
– Dual Ball Bearing
– Nylon Gears
– 25T Spline


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Yes, we are a manufacturer of various controller boards, expansion shield boards, sensor modules for Arduino, 3D printer controller boards, Raspberry Pi, and Banana Pi. Our factory and office are located in Shenzhen.

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3. What are the advantages of using plastic gears?
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4. How do I install and maintain plastic gears?
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5. Can plastic gears be replaced easily?
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