Sintered Helical Gears Spur Gear Spare Parts Sintered Gear Engranajes Wholesale Gear


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Sintered Helical Gears Spur Gear Spare Parts Sintered Gear Engranajes Wholesale Gear

Motor, Electric Cars, Machinery, Marine

Hardened Tooth Surface

Gear Position:
External Gear

Manufacturing Method:
Rolling Gear

Toothed Portion Shape:
Spur Gear

Cast Iron

Available | Customized Request

Product Description

Product Description:

sintered helical gears/spur gear spare parts/sintered gear/engranajes/wholesale gear
Tolerance ±0.005 – ±0.01mm
Surface Roughness Customize Available
Materials Available Aluminum, Copper, Brass, Steel, Stainless Steel, Titanium, Iron, Plastic, etc.
Surface Treatment Blacking, polishing, anodize, chrome plating, zinc plating, nickel plating, tinting, etc. According to customers’ specific request. Match Your Products.
Processing CNC Turning, boring, Milling parts, Drilling, Auto Lathe, Tapping, Bushing, Surface Treatment, etc.
Drawing Formats PRO/E, Auto CAD, Solid Works, UG, CAD / CAM / CAE, PDF
Applications Medical equipment, electronic equipment, communication equipment, semiconductor equipment, mechanical equipment, automation equipment, solar energy, petroleum, automobile, aviation, motorcycle, bicycle, etc.

Company Profile

EVER-POWER GROUP mainly supplies various Plastic Gear used in the industry, such as Plastic Spur Gear, Plastic Helical Gear, Plastic Worm Gear, Plastic Bevel Gear, Plastic Pinion Gear, Plastic Nylon Gear, Plastic Transmission Gear, Plastic Sprocket Gear, Plastic Wheel Gear, Plastic Injection Gear, Plastic Ring Gear, Plastic Rack Gear, and more. Our products are of high quality, offered at a favorable price, and backed by considerate service. We welcome customers to come with drawings or samples for customization.