Slewing Ring Bearings Withour Gear for Crane Nb1.25.1155.201-2ppn


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#### Slewing Ring Bearings Without Gear for Crane Nb1.25.1155.201-2ppn

**Product Introduction**

The slewing ring bearing, also known as slewing ring, slewing bearing, turntable bearing, or rotary bearing, is able to bear axial load, radial load, and overturning torque. It is widely used in various industries and is known as “the machine joints.” The slewing ring bearing itself has the characteristics of a compact structure, easy installation, and convenient rotation.

**Types of Slewing Ring Bearings**

1. Four-point contact ball slewing ring bearings
2. Double-row ball four-point contact slewing ring bearings (same diameter ball, different diameter ball)
3. Cross roller slewing ring bearings
4. Triple-row cylindrical roller combined slewing ring bearings
5. Ball roller combined slewing ring bearings
6. Light flanged slewing ring bearings

**Technical Data**

1. Material: 42CrMo, 50Mn
2. Precision: P0, P6, P5
3. Outside diameter: 200~9500mm
4. Cage/retainer: Nylon or aluminum
5. Gear type: Non-geared, internal gear, and external gear, gear hardened

**Applications of Slewing Ring Bearings**

1. Construction machinery (e.g., cranes, excavators, loaders, scrapers)
2. Metallurgical machinery (e.g., for steel plants)
3. Heavy machinery equipment (e.g., mining machinery, concrete machinery)
4. Marine machinery equipment (e.g., vessels, port hoisting machines, port oil transfer equipment, onshore and offshore cranes)
5. Light machinery equipment (e.g., paper machines, plastic and rubber machines, weaving machines)
6. Wind power generators
7. Military products (e.g., aerospace machinery)
8. Packing machinery

**Packaging Details**

Step 1: Covered with anti-rust oil
Step 2: Wrapped with plastic film
Step 3: Packed with Kraft paper and professional belts
Step 4: Put into a wooden box to prevent rust or moisture

**Our Advantages**

1. Good quality and competitive price
2. Trial order accepted
3. ISO certified company
4. OEM and ODM accepted
5. Manufacturing slewing ring bearings since 2000

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Please note that all the content of this page is from the internet and is only for reference.