Small Module Precision Spur Gear


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Small Module Precision Spur Gear

The Small Module Precision Spur Gear is a high-quality gear used in various industries. It is commonly used in machinery and equipment that require precise and efficient power transmission. This gear has a small module, which refers to the size of the teeth on the gear. It is designed to provide accurate and smooth rotation, ensuring optimal performance in different applications.

Product Features:
– After-sales Service: Repaire
– Warranty: Half a Year
– Condition: New
– Certification: CE, RoHS, GS, ISO9001
– Standard: DIN, ASTM, GOST, GB, JIS, ANSI
– Customized: Customized

– Price: US$ 10/Piece
– Minimum Order: 1 Piece
– Request Sample: Available

– Customization is available to meet specific requirements.

Product Description:
The Small Module Precision Spur Gear is made of high-quality materials, such as brass or aluminum, using precision CNC machining. It strictly follows customers’ drawings, packing, and quality requirements. The gear has a tolerance of between +/-0.01mm, ensuring precise and accurate performance. It is inspected by a high-tech CMM inspector to ensure its quality. With full-experienced engineers and well-professional trained workers, the gear is produced with expertise and craftsmanship. It is known for its fast delivery time and professional advice for customers.

Product Parameters:
– Business Type: Beyond the Manufacturer and strong organized ability in the industrial
– Benefits:
1. Deeper industrial experience at CNC machining parts service for more than 10 years.
2. 2D or 3D files are available.
3. Quality priority based on customer satisfaction.
4. No MOQ requirement.
5. Faster delivery time.
6. Customized size and specification/OEM available.
7. Located near Shanghai Port.

Materials Accept:
– Stainless Steel: SS201, SS303, SS304, SS316, etc.
– Steel: Q235, 20#, 45#
– Brass: C36000 ( C26800), C37700 ( HPb59), C38500( HPb58), C27200(CuZn37), C28000(CuZn40)
– Iron: 1213, 12L14, 1215, etc.
– Bronze: C51000, C52100, C54400, etc.
– Aluminum: Al6061, Al6063, AL7075, AL5052, etc.
– Plastic: ABS, POM, PC(Poly-Carbonate), PC+GF, PA(nylon), PA+GF, PMMA(acrylic), PEEK, PEI, etc.

Packaging & Shipping:
– Preferred methods:
1. DHL or TNT express or other air freight for 1kg-100kg.
2. Sea freight for more than 100kg or more than 1CBM.
3. Customized specifications.

Company Profile:
Nanjing Emitech Technology Co., Ltd. is a leading supplier of CNC machinery industrial service. With 15 years of experience, we have provided parts to various industries worldwide. Our CNC machining capabilities include CNC turning, milling, drilling, grinding, bending, stamping, and more. We have a team of experienced engineers and well-trained workers who ensure the quality and precision of our products. Our aim is to provide one-stop solutions for a wide range of applications. We welcome customers to customize their drawings or samples for manufacturing. In addition to Small Module Precision Spur Gear, our company also supplies various other plastic gears used in the industry. These include Plastic Spur Gear, Plastic Helical Gear, Plastic Worm Gear, Plastic Bevel Gear, Plastic Pinion Gear, Plastic Nylon Gear, Plastic Transmission Gear, Plastic Sprocket Gear, Plastic Wheel Gear, Plastic Injection Gear, Plastic Ring Gear, Plastic Rack Gear, and more. We take pride in offering high-quality products, favorable prices, and considerate