Ss812 Nylon Chain Machined Drive Sprocket for Top Chain Conveyor System


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Ss812 Nylon Chain Machined Drive Sprocket for Top Chain Conveyor System

This sprocket is a standard circular gear with a toothed portion shape of a spur gear. It is made of hardened nylon material, which ensures a hardened tooth surface and heat resistance. The sprocket is available in various tooth options, including 17, 19, 21, 23, and 25 teeth.

It is a standard product and widely used in machinery applications. The sprocket is suitable for chain drive systems, providing reliable and efficient operation. With a bore diameter of 25/30/35/40 and a thickness of 50mm, it offers a sturdy and durable solution for top chain conveyor systems.

The sprocket is lightweight, weighing between 0.39-0.77kg. It complies with the ISO9001:2008 standard, ensuring high quality and performance. The operating load of the sprocket depends on the size of the conveyor.

Installation, maintenance, and repair of the sprocket are straightforward. It can be easily replaced when needed. The sprocket’s white or black color provides options to match different conveyor systems.

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1. Q: Can these sprockets be used as original spare parts?
A: No, our sprockets are replacement parts and not original spare parts.

2. Q: Are these sprockets compatible with other conveyor systems?
A: Yes, these sprockets are designed to be compatible with top chain conveyor systems.

3. Q: How do I install and maintain these sprockets?
A: Installation is simple and maintenance involves regular cleaning and lubrication of the sprocket teeth.

4. Q: Can the sprockets be customized according to specific requirements?
A: Yes, we offer customization services for our sprockets based on your specific needs.

5. Q: Do you provide warranty for these sprockets?
A: Yes, we provide a warranty for our sprockets to ensure customer satisfaction.