Unbreakable PC Plastic Clear Police Riot Control Round Shield for Protection


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Riot Control Shield

The Riot Control Shield is made of Polycarbonate (PC) material, which is transparent and impact-resistant. It is designed for police, law enforcement officers, security personnel, and more. The shield can be customized in terms of size, thickness, and logo. It is packaged in a CTN for transportation.

Product Description

The Round Lightweight PC Polycarbonate Police Riot Control Protective Shield is specifically designed for self-defense purposes. It features a round shape and is made of hard and lightweight polycarbonate material. The shield comes with a nylon arm strap and rubber grip for better handling. It is highly impact-resistant, capable of withstanding kinetic energy impact up to the standard of 147J.

This shield is ideal for armed police, riot police, riot troops, and other law enforcement officers, as well as for training, combat defense, and security personnel. It is commonly used in riot control operations, crowd management, and public order maintenance. The shield provides protection against attacks from hard objects, blunt objects, and unknown liquids such as sticks, stones, hammers, daggers, knives, and pepper spray.

The Riot Control Shield can be customized in terms of thickness, logo, and length to ensure full body protection. The standard thickness options include 3-6mm, with 3.0mm, 3.5mm, and 4.0mm being the most common. It is available in black and transparent colors.

Product Parameters

Product Name Round Riot Shield
Material Polycarbonate(PC)
Thickness 3.5mm or Customized 3.0mm, 4.0mm
Weight About 1.8kg /pc
Impact Strength 147J kinetic energy impact energy up to the standard
Size 580*3.5mm
Color Black and Transparent
Package CTN

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