servo worm reducer

EP offers a full selection of modular servo gearboxes /worm reducers. The modular style allows for configurations with motor source flange and outcome pinion for rack and pinion drives, as well as solid result shafts, Hollow bore productivity, and source shafts for all the positioning applications. The modular style allows for general mounting of the gearbox in any orientation.
Servo-Worm Reducers were particularly developed for work with with the latest servo motors found in applications that demand exact positioning and repeatability.
These reducers are suited to applications in material handling, automation, equipment tool, and robotics.
The light-weight modular aluminum housing design permits easy machine integration, and excellent heat dissipation. A wide variety of input flanges and couplings are available to permit easy mounting of almost any servo-motor and custom made flanges can be accommodated. Outcome configurations with pinion, hollow bore, or sound shaft are available and will be configured for insight with motor flange, free of charge suggestions shaft, or both no cost input shaft and electric motor flange.
An optimized worm gear tooth design insures excessive efficiency while at exactly the same time decreasing backlash. Two levels of backlash can be found, Precise or Extra-exact, with backlash levels to significantly less than 3 arc minutes.
Available in 6 sizes
Ratios from 2 to 60:1
Torque Capacity up to 4400 Lb.-Ft. (6000 Nm)
Input Speeds up to 6000 RPM
Two backlash levels – Precise and Extra-precise.
Modular design appropriate for rack & pinion system
4 input styles
7 output styles
28 possible standard configurations
Wide variety of servo gearboxes, made to fit virtually all servo motors on the market
Designed for the best torsional stiffness and the lowest angular backlash, for the maximum torque and overhung loads
Bush with slots and hub clamp for servomotor coupling
Enhanced dimensional compactness due to direct servomotor coupling
Widest range of conceivable servomotors coupling dimensions.
The right technical solution thanks to a comprehensive selection of sizes, gear stages, transmission ratios, designs and non-standard designs.
High-Torque (HT) Servo-Worm Reducers
This standard range of Servo-Worm Reducers are simply perfect for use in applications that demand high performance, precise positioning and repeatability. They were particularly developed for employ with state-of-the-art servo electric motor technology, providing tight integration of the electric motor to the machine. Angular backlash of less than 1 arc-mins is provided standard.
They can be purchased in four sizes (50 mm to 100 mm center distance) with input boosts to 5,000 rpm, reduction ratios from 4.75 to 52:1 and output torque capacities up to 885 lb.ft. A wide range of electric motor couplings and mounting flanges are for sale to assembly to practically all servo motors, and the hollow bore productivity can be used to mount output shafts, pinion shafts, or other drive elements.
Standard applications for these reducers include precision rotary axis drives, traveling gantries & columns, material handling axis drives, zero-backlash axis drives and electronic digital line shafting. Industries served include Material H, ling, Robotics, Automation, Aerospace and Machine Tool.
Gearing: Internal gear style was optimized to supply an angular backlash of less than 1 arc-minutes at assembly, with the choice of “in the field” adjustable backlash if necessary.
Bearings: Input angular get in touch with bearings for high suggestions speed, and robust end result tapered-roller bearings for large radial and axial load potential.
Housing: Light weight aluminum housing once and for all heat dissipation, with essential insight flange for servo motors and common mounting on any deal with.
Output: The result bore is available with a compression-type hub or a good ISO 9409-1 flange (see dimension web pages). We provide a line of equipment to adapt these outputs to straight shafting, Rack & Pinions, or other gearing types.
This gearbox utilizes a 30:1 ratio worm-travel reduction for applications that want extremely slow and smooth rotational motion. The worm-drive design not merely minimizes backlash but likewise eliminates back-generating the gearmotor so a position can be placed even when power is not applied. The precision surface 3/8” stainless steel result shaft is backed by dual 3/8” ABEC 5 ball bearings to support lots from any orientation. The ¼” ABS plastic and aluminium structure offers a rigid framework without adding needless weight and is quickly attached to any flat work surface by utilizing the bottom mounting tabs. Our Regular Spur Gear motors will continue to work with this gearbox (electric motor distributed separately). The Vertical Shaft Worm-Drive Gearbox is simply perfect for turn-tables, time-lapse systems and low-velocity applications that want high accuracy and torque.
Motor RPM required = 1 / (mins per rotation desired / 30)
Example: 1 / (ten minutes per rotation / 30) = 3 RPM motor needed to achieve 10 minutes per rotation (in max speed)
now provides an economical right position gearhead for employ with small NEMA 23 through 56 and similar little metric servo and stepper motors. These reducers will be most appropriate for basic movement and suggestions speeds of 2000 rpm where profile request costs are a major consideration.
7 sizes with torque capacities up to 684 Nm
12 exact single stage ratios from 7:1 to 100:1
2 stage ratios available
Inch or metric outcome shafts
Hollow output standard, place shafts optional
2D and 3D drawings obtainable online
Flexible servo motor interface
Clamp-style hub provides zero-backlash electric motor shaft connection
Aluminum diecast housing for low weight
Large output bearings accommodate bigger radial loads
Inch or perhaps metric hollow bore with keyway, one and dual plug-found in shafts also available
Double lip outcome seals provide optimum protection against contaminants
Face or base installation alternatives, bolt on flanges and torque hands also available
Bronze wheels cast about the result shaft for higher strength
Hardened and ground worm shaft provides even operation
Reducer completely sealed for universal mounting and long-life lubrication
Two bearing worm support isolates motor bearings from radial and axial loads
Flexible coupling factor eliminates motor misalignment and bearing wear
Worm Gears are best suited angle drives providing large acceleration ratios on comparatively brief center distances from 1/4” to 11”. When correctly installed and lubricated they function as the quietist and smoothest jogging type of gearing. As a result of high ratios possible with worm gearing, maximal speed reduction can be accomplished in less space than many other types of gearing. Worm and worm gears operate on nonintersecting shafts at 90° angles.
EFFICIENCY of worm equipment drives depends to a large extent on the helix angle of the worm. Multiple thread worms and gears with bigger helix angle prove 25% to 50% more efficient than solo thread worms. The mesh or engagement of worms with worm gears produces a sliding action triggering considerable friction and increased loss of efficiency beyond other styles of gearing. The utilization of hardened and surface worm swith bronze worm gears rises efficiency.
LUBRICATION can be an essential factor to boost efficiency found in worm gearing. Worm equipment action generates considerable temperature, decreasing efficiency. How much power transmitted at confirmed temperature raises as the productivity of the gearing rises. Proper lubrication enhances proficiency by lowering friction and heat.
RATIOS of worm gear sets are dependant on dividing the number of teeth in the gear by the amount of threads. Thus sole threads yield higher ratios than multiple threads. All EP. worm equipment sets can be found with either left or right hand threads. EP. worm equipment sets can be found with Solitary, Qua, Triple and Double-druple Threads.
Safeness PROVISION: Worm gearing should not be used as a locking mechanism to hold large weights where reversing actions could cause harm or damage. In applications where potential damage is nonexistent and self-locking is wanted against backward rotation in that case use of a single thread worm with a minimal helix angle quickly locks the worm gear travel against backward rotation.
Materials recommended for worms is definitely hardened steel and bronze for worm gears. Even so, depending on the application unhardened steel worms operate adequately and more economically with cast iron worm gears at 50% horsepower ratings. In addition to metal and hardenedsteel, worms can be purchased in bronze, nylon, stainless and aluminum; worm gears can be found in steel, hardened metal, stainless, aluminum, nylon and nonmetallic (phenolic).
EP also sells equipment tooth measuring products called Equipment GAGES! Gear Gages decrease mistakes, save time and money when identifying and buying gears. These pitch templates are available in nine sets to recognize all the typical pitch sizes: Diametral Pitch “DP”, Circular Pitch “CP”, External Involute Splines, Metric Module “MOD”, Stub Tooth, Excellent Pitches, Coarse Pitches and Unusual Pitches. Refer to the section on GEAR GAGES for catalog figures when ordering.

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