stainless pulley

Our pulleys are used to lift heavy objects with minimal efforts. Our Zinc Die Cast and STAINLESS Pulleys are reliable and solid, and their superior top quality and basic mechanics make them easy to use. Ever-electric power presents only the best quality industrial rigging equipment from trusted suppliers. Be sure to search our collection of rope hardware
At Ever-electricity, we are 100% committed to providing you with the best possible products and customer service. If we don’t have what you’re seeking for, we are certain to get it for you! Check out our merchandise catalog for product information on our zinc die cast and stainless pulleys, chain?and?rope hardware ,bolt snaps , bands, and more. Phone toll free 88220973 to put an purchase or inquiry, order on the web, or contact us online.

Our selection of pulleys and pulley wheels are crucial for marine loading and also have many architectural applications. Across all our pulleys, sturdiness and strength is an absolute must, which explains why we only share high quality items constructed from top quality stainless for maritime use.
Browse our considerable range including stainless steel, galvanised and awning pulleys. We also supply wire rope, rigging and standard employ pulleys featuring swivel eye, single attention fixed and double attention fixtures.
We have now stock galvanised steel iron pulley blocks with hook heads and swivel oval eye in one and double sheave pattern.
CABLE PULLEY Perfect for Tripod Devices Ingenious design that provides the safety of a set plate pulley when allowing placement for any point in the rope. Pulley can even be applied as a high (trolley) pulley on cable. Steel pulley sheaves are lower to fit the size requirements of cable rather than rope. Tandem 3/8″ pulley is ideal for wire traverses and zip lines. Sideplates are Stainless Steel. 3″ diameter pulley sheave is normally stainless for ultra-long have on. Requires 10mm Extra-Huge size carabiner for right rigging.

Snatch Blocks & Wire Rope Pulleys