variable speed motor

By offering all elements of the drive program, Ever-Power Motor Company also gives you an individual point of get in touch with for support and assistance. And, by complementing a new U.S. MOTORS brand inverter duty electric motor with a drive in the ACCU-Series range, you can enjoy the benefits of a motor match guarantee that extends the drive warranty to match that of the engine.

These motors are designed for the application form requirements of variable speed drive systems. We offer both the following types of motors:

• Constant Torque: Motors particularly designed to handle constant torque loads, such as conveyors, positive displacement pumps, cranes, etc.
• Variable Torque: Motors specifically designed to handle variable torque loads such as for example pumps and fans.

ACCU-Series variable swiftness motors are used for a number of applications in the food and beverage, packaging, drinking water, wastewater and irrigation industries, merely to name a couple of. Ever-Power Motor Corporation relentlessly focuses on enhancing the precision, performance and functionality of our motors and adjustable speed systems. With each other, they work seamlessly for greatest reliability, inspiring the confidence that springs in one point of responsibility for both motor and drive.

ACCU-Series drives provide efficient, reliable and quiet control of motors for a variety of applications such as for example HVAC, pumping and other purposes requiring precise swiftness control without a feedback gadget. These dependable drives are simple to install and easy to operate. Their advanced of efficiency also provides them a far more positive environmental impact.
Sourcing integral parts of your product series should be one of the most carefully considered aspects of taking a product from idea to creation. If your company has products that need a variable speed motor, whether you are searching for a variable acceleration DC motor or a variable velocity AC motor, Ever-Power ought to be the first firm you reach out to regarding variable speed engine component production.
Simply put, a variable speed motor is a motor which has a variable frequency drive or similar technology installed to regulate motor speed and torque. By putting these key elements of motor performance beneath the control of the operator, variable speed motors provide a opportinity for products and creation facilities to greatly reduce the quantity of energy getting consumed by the motors in their gadgets. Whether your firm is thinking about integrating a variable velocity pool motor to their establishing line of pool pumps or is usually hoping to update the blower on a customer refrigeration unit by including a adjustable speed fan electric motor, these upgraded motors offer energy efficiency and reliability!
A variable speed motor can be utilized in an array of applications. Any company that’s thinking about increasing the efficiency of their end product should consider replacing the inner motor with a variable speed motor. While variable frequency drives, which help control the acceleration and torque of the electric motor, are typically built for AC motors, Ever-Power is pleased to work with businesses to create either AC or DC versions of the variable motor that will ensure a high quality end product!