Traffic Safety 1650cm Rubber and Plastic Wheel Stopper


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Traffic Safety 1650cm Rubber and Plastic Wheel Stopper

The Traffic Safety 1650cm Rubber and Plastic Wheel Stopper is a durable and reliable product designed for car parking and road safety. It is made from high-quality rubber material, ensuring its longevity and effectiveness. The wheel stopper is suitable for both indoor and outdoor use in garage, retail, commercial, and business parking lots.

Key Features:

– Highly visible reflective yellow safety strips for increased visibility and safety.
– Reduces damage to vehicles upon impact, serving as an ideal alternative to concrete parking stops.
– Can be installed permanently or temporarily (mounting hardware not included).
– Heavy-duty rubber and plastic design that is rust-free, crack-free, chip-free, and crumble-free.

Product Parameter:

– Model: WS-12a
– Length: 1650mm
– Width: 150mm
– Thickness: 100mm
– Weight: 13.5kg
– Color: Black & Yellow

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Product Groups:

– Road Stud
– Parking lock
– Traffic barrier
– Plastic chain
– Sign
– Expandable barrier
– Isolation belt
– Traffic cone rod
– Zebra Lane Separator
– Kerb Ramp
– Convex Mirror
– Speed Hump
– Traffic Cone
– Wheel Stopper
– Warning Post
– Cable Protector
– Wheel Chock
– Wall Protector
– Corner Guard

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